The new snobbery: food snobs, spiritual snobs or lifestyle snobs

new age

Quickie here.

A bit fed up with modern day snobbery. We need to put it on the table so we can begin challenging the status quo.

The old-school snobbery are the religious snobs mainly. There was also the racial snobbery and the ethnic snobbery–where people who identified with a certain “race” felt they were better than other “racial” groups.

Don’t get it wrong–these snobberies are alive and kickin’. But we have some new snobberies on arrival with this “New Age” paradigm said to be sweeping the earth.

This awakening of Humanity’s spiritual consciousness has opened the door for new snobberies courtesy of the “good” team–the “lightworkers”, “conscious” people.

What are these snobberies, you ask?

As mentioned in the title, here goes:

1. Food snobs.
I’ve talked about this before and will keep speaking on it. Food is the new religion. Vegans are talking about how they are better than carnivores because they eat plants and how much they love animals and the planet. Vegetarians are snubbing carnivores and paleo-eaters for eating “animal flesh”; Raw foodists are snubbing Vegans for eating vegetables that are sometimes cooked; fruitarians (people who eat only raw fruit) are snubbing raw foodists because they eat vegetables… and breathatarians (people who don’t eat food but use air as food) are snubbing fruitarians for eating physical food.

It’s a hot mess, folks.

2.Spiritual snobs.
In the past, as I said, there were religious snobs. But now we have “New Age” snobs. You know, the Yoga people with their stupid poses (okay, it’s not stupid, but they can be annoying) and their sitting “Indian-Style” with both hands resting on their knees with the middle finger and thumb touching thing…

Oh yeah, and the crystal therapy, chakras and the lingo (i.e. we’re all connected). Love, love, love…sending “love and light” all the damn time and finding our “tribes”.

**funny, when blacks or indigenous people were in tribes, they were savages or primitive.

But I digress.

The point: This stuff is just another set of norms to adhere to or else be looked down upon or judged. All this “love and light” stuff is the “New age” version of religious holiness.

Another hot mess.

And one more hot mess to go:

3.Wellness lifestyle snobs.
This is where you have food snobs who are homeschooling their children, home-birthing, doing what they love for a career, running or working for a “socially conscious” business, etc. They only eat organic foods, have expensive water filters in their homes, buy local fresh, in-season food from the farmer’s market… All this is wonderful, but it can get annoying if you’re not doing it, too. Some of these folks can be snobs about it.

Not everyone chooses to do what the “wellness snob” does or have the conviction to do so. Maybe they are fine as is or are not at a place mentally, physically, financially to live the same lifestyle–an expensive lifestyle at that. Have you tried buying organic anything lately?

The bottom line is that we should not judge or look down on anyone who lives differently than us. What ultimately matters is if what you’re doing works for you. And hec, even if it doesn’t work for them, who are YOU to snub them and tell them (or make them feel) that they are in error?

My vision is for the real paradigm–which is to do what works best for you.

Until next time.

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New Year’s eve: we’re dropping the ball once again

dropping ball

As the clock winds down to midnight on this New Year’s eve, I am home alone. A close friend asked me over email if I watch the ball drop in Times Square.

I told her what I’m about to tell you.

No. I don’t watch New Year’s eve television. I don’t have cable anyway. But even if I did, even IF I was plugged into the television Matrix, (I’m no snob, though—I enjoy a good movie or tv show once in a while) I still wouldn’t be watching “rockin’ New Year’s eve”. Dick Clark is dead, anyway–I guess Ryan Seacrest is doing it now…who the hell is this Ryan guy, anyway? How is he famous? For what?…..

But I digress.

I have never gone to Times Square for New Year’s eve. And I never plan to. One, there’s no bathrooms. Two: It’s freakin’ cold out there! Three: It’s a whole lotta people to be smushed up against-a bit too “sheeple-sih” for my tastes. Plus I don’t like crowds. Maybe I’m getting old. Or maybe I’m just getting unplugged.

But the main reason I no longer watch the ball drop or bother going to Times Square is that I realized something:

We’re watching the BALL DROP.


We-millions of us across planet earth-if not billions-are starting our “New Year” by dropping the ball!!!!!!!!!

This New Year’s eve thing is nothing more than a mass ritual set up by SOMEONE to harness all humanity’s focused energy on…DROPPING THE BALL!!!

I know-I sound like one of those “conspiracy nuts”.

But do yourself a favor. Research the origins of New Year’s eve. And while you’re at it, research the other major holidays, too. It’s time we start THINKING.

Instead of DROPPING THE BALL, why not RAISE THE BAR to bring in 2014?

Just a thought.

Peace, abundance, prosperity and blessings to you all!

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12 Days of X-mas: the fed-up version

christmas On the first day of Christmas, my mind said to me:

I’m tired of doing; I just want to BE!!!

On the second day of Christmas, my mind said to me:

I’m tired of reality TV!!!

On the third day of Christmas, my mind said to me:

I’m tired of my bank charging me account fees for my own money!!!

On the fourth day of Christmas, my mind said to me:

Why are charities pimping money as a 501C3?!


On the sixth day of Christmas, my mind said to me

It’s time to stop watching TV

On the seventh day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

I’m tired of these vegans, and raw foodists acting like they’re better than me!

On the eight day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

You have to meet with your tax attorney! 😦

On the ninth day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

Why am I killing myself trying to buy people presents?

No more have-to’s

Stupid expectations

No more mindless “do’s”

Only free-will delgations

On the tenth day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

Don’t you want to be free?

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

Stop listening to other people; trust yourself!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my mind said to me,

Don’t follow rules, follow your heart, please….

Tired of the brainwashing

Tired of the media

Tired of fake moral outrage

These experts, gurus and politicians

Family in my business

DAMMIT, JUST LET ME BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I pay taxes?

Because of the masses

What about the masses?

The masses are asses

No more reality TV

Bye bye fake morality

Hello trusting in me-

…and why can’t I just BE????

The End.

To all a merry fed-up Christmas and to all a good night!

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What is it gonna take for me to escape the Matrix?

redpillbluepill It’s holiday season again-that time of year when it becomes most evident that, all jokes aside, we are drones plugged into a manufactured

reality not in the best interest of our free will or our highest good. It is a time of traditions, where we do the same ol’ thing without knowing why. We defend our mindless rituals to critical thinkers and resist change-even if it’s for our good. Like Cipher in the Matrix, we want it safe; we want it predictable; and most of all, we want it comfortable–even if it is only an illusion or a “steak”.

My eyes are set on rising beyond the Matrix. Not running from it like Morpheus and the other free humans did until Neo. Neo represent self-actualization–a level of consciousness few humans reach. Most are like Cipher and lack the intergrity it takes to transcend the illusion and to know thyself. And like Neo, most of us have no clue as to how powerful we really are and that we are the ones giving the Matrix (what we call society) and the “Powers that be” its so-called authority over us.

Some have tried to free themselves from the Matrix via legal documents-this thing called “sovereignty”. Many who went public were jailed indefinitely. The IRS agent who went public about how income taxes are unconstitutional is literally sitting under the jail for treason. It is true that as citizens of the Matrix, our basic human rights are being violated at every turn, but we are at fault for allowing it. We’d rather have our “steak”. We’d rather have someone else create our reality FOR us instead of creating our own.

We’d rather have religion take care of our spiritality for us.
We’d rather have our schools teach us instead of teaching ourselves.
We’d rather have our gurus tell us what is truth than going within to find it.
We’d rather have our doctors take care of our health for us.
We’d rather trust the media to inform is than do the research ourselves.
We’d rather live vicariously through our celebrities and professional athletes than live amazing lives ourselves.
We’d rather follow our life coaches than follow our own heart and intuition.

So, how can we escape the Matrix?

Well, first I think we have to EVOLVE beyond it, not ESCAPE it. Escaping something implies that thing is more powerful than you. And whatever you run from, you end up running to.

Second, I think we must decide if we really want to move beyond the Matrix. As the saying goes, “to him that seeketh, ye shall find”. We have to stop living in our heads and get heart-honest about what we really want. Either way, “steak” or freedom, neither is good or bad. But we’ve got too many “Ciphers” mixed in with the “Neos”. I think we have to draw the line and make the distinction clear between the masses and the trailblazers.

Third, I think we need to be clear on what it takes to transcend this collective illusion we call the Matrix. Neo had to undergo a stringent training to self-actualize to the point where he could “stop bullets”. Rising beyond the Matrix requires some inner work, which is why most people won’t make it. Like Cipher, they aren’t ready and really need to be plugged back in.

See, to rise beyond the Matrix, we will need to understand that first we must prepare ourselves to be self-reliant and self-regulated. That means taking personal responsibility for our health and well-being, our finances, our thoughts and our actions. Victims cannot survive outside the Matrix. Either we are powerful beings or we are not. It doesn’t vary by situation.

I think we also must begin un-plugging over a period of time. It takes time to detox from being addicted to television and dependent on all the systems the Matrix has in place for us to depend on for our Livlihood. It takes dedication, patience and time.

First, free your mind.
Next, free yourself financially.

Money rules in the Matrix and most of us have been bred to be poor and helpless under the illusion that being poor is righteous and rich people are evil. Poverty-concsciousness is killing the masses, who are struggling day by day to make ends meet when in actuality we have access to the infinite source of infinite abundance. So I believe we must get free from working for someone else and get our own streams of income flowing in to sustain us. It’s hard to evolve when your time and energy is tied up in some hourly job that sucks your life force from you.

Ultimately, I believe that uncovering your gifts and talents and your LIFE PURPOSE is the key to freedom. You heard the new cliche’, “do what you love” and make money doing it, too! Unfortunately, we’ve been told that money is evil and so what we do to earn money has to be something we hate. It’s seen as wrong to charge for something you do from the heart. You must free your mind from all such limitations we’ve been sold as “reality” so we can create our own income doing what we love–so we don’t have to depend on the government, corporations or our jobs to survive and thrive.

Bottom line, when we get on the path of why we were born, as the old sayying goes,

“no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

Unless, of course you dont believe that, and, well….good luck. (See Law of Attraction next right).

Enough said for now.

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Upside down, inside out: the Holiday Season is here again

With Thanksgiving approaching tomorrow, and the infamous Black Friday after that, let me ask you a question:

Does it seem like when the holidays roll around that something feels off?

For those of us who are over 35, we’ve been doing the calendar year for a while.

It just seems like we’re a hamster on a wheel. For me, everytime black friday rolls around (for those who don’t know, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” which is the biggest shopping day of the year when idiots-oops I meant people-camp out in front of stores at 3 or 4 in the morning to be the first to get in the store for the year’s biggest sale).

And every year without fail someone is killed during one of these “Black Friday” sales. Last year, another Walmart security guard was trampled to death at the grand opening of their Black Friday sale. The front doors often get broken by the herds of obsessed shoppers who make a pack of bulls running at you seem like puppies.

And I’m asking, does that seem right to you?

Not just stupid or greedy. I mean, does it seem like a program we’re running? Every year, people do the same thing over and over again. And every year, the media reports on it the exactly same way….

Here is a profound quote from a very controversial-and minimally creepy- figure named David Icke about the society of humanity:

Our media destroy information

Our doctors destroy health

Our lawyers destroy justice

Our schools destroy knowledge…

And I’ll add a few more to the list:

Our families destroy love

We think truth is ugly

We say pain is love

We kill our prophets……

Like Marvin Gaye sang decades ago: What’s going on?

He (David Icke) talks about connecting the dots of this matrix we call reality. Love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter. It’s time for us to stop deluding ourselves and open our eyes. I could see it if the way things are were benefitting us. It only benefits a small few while the masses of humanity are getting their heinies kicked. So, why not open our minds to the idea that there may be more to what is going on around us than we’ve been told.

Things are upside down and inside out for us personally and professionally and it’s time to turn off the music award shows and reality shows, put down the foam finger and hot dogs for sports games, retire those video game joysticks and start:

-thinking in silence

Until next time.

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Fake fairness and selective moral outrage

good person

Hello boys and girls.

Today’s topic is fake fairness and selective moral outrage.

Let me explain.

I have recently had an epiphany. We humans are full of crap.

Why would you say such a thing? you ask. Most people are good….

I say that because I had a lightbulb moment not too long ago when I realized something: the things that people complain are unfair really aren’t unfair. They call something (or someone) unfair or unjust because they aren’t benefitting from it.

This especially applies to “good” people. These “good people” are the most hypocritical group on earth. They are ignorant to why they do what they do and somehow feel superior to people they consider “evil” like corporate bankers or rich people-or George Zimmerman….

Let me attempt to illustrate what I call “fake fairness”.

The child support system.

A nasty topic and a very controversial one, too. You got men complaining about the divorce laws and the child support rulings. But the only reason they’re upset is that the system and its rules puts them on the losing end. See, if they were winning, you think they would be complaining about it?


If women were the ones who had no rights in family court and were getting railroaded by the system, you think these men who are ticked off would be complaining?

Oh, that’s right-that USED to be the system. And prior to the women’s feminist movements, there were no men throwing a fit about their wives, lovers, girlfriends, neices, mothers and daughters not being treated fairly…

That’s why fairness is fake. Most people don’t really care about fairness. They only care when they don’t have the winning hand.

I could name examples all night long, here, but let’s move on:

Selective moral outrage.

Another illustration: The Trayvon Martin Case.

If you don’t know, Trayvon was a teenager gunned down and killed by a Florida neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. The case went to trial after a controversial year of Zimmerman not being arrested. It was also a polarizing event in the media due to Trayvon being a black male and Zimmerman being a White Hispanic.

One black young male is singled out to be a posterchild in the media and its cronies— meanwhile black youths are being killed by the hundreds in large cities like Chicago-hence the nickname, “Chi-raq”. (I have a blog post on this here if you want to check it out).

No one cares about the masses of black youths being slaughtered in inner city neighborhoods. Black people get outraged over Trayvon but not their own sons being killed by other black youth every day? Not only is it hypocrisy but it’s fake moral indignation. I guess they figure if they get up in arms about Trayvon (albeit in an emotional instead of a tactical way) then they have put in their seasonal “outrage duty” like we do jury duty for city court: Once a year we get upset over something and then we go back to the same ol’ same….

Fake, fake, fake!

A good start would be to begin intellectualizing things. People allow events presented strategically by the media to elicit the desired response-usually fear, despair or powerlessness all while distracting them from issues going on that actually impact their lives directly.

Humanity, we have a lot of work to do.

Until next time.

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Self-esteem in self-employment

This was inspired by this opinion piece in the New York Times on being a freelance artist/entrepreneur:

As a freelance writer myself, I have to agree with my fellow writer of the above-mentioned article, Mr. Tim Krieder.

I constantly see advertisements for writing jobs ranging from just pennies to just above minimum wage.

There are several catch phrases that you’ll see advertised:

-exposure: they aren’t paying, but you’ll get exposure
-internship: they aren’t paying, but you’re getting experience. Personal note: Internships is the new slave labor of the business world-especially online.
-build your resume: they aren’t paying, but you will have clips for your portfolio

My advice to new freelancers is to select an opportunity to get some experience with ONE source-TWO at the most. I have done this and it is valuable. After all, it’s silly to expect top dollar when you have no experience and no track record of excellence…

But with that said, let me also say this: it’s equally as silly to expect someone you’re not paying a dime to for their time and talent to do the work of someone with the experience and the track record of excellence, either!

I have done “internships” where I was expected to do a full workload, complete with rewrites and critiques. Let’s be real: if you ain’t paying, shut up!

Okay, let’s soften that: If you aren’t paying, then have a realistic set of expectations.

Why? Because the person is donating their time in a world where time is money and that time, energy and focus could be used for better purposes-i.e. making them money!

The author of the article does a great job articulating the conundrum freelancers find themselves in. He so accurately describes the marketplace and how the internet-as awesome as it is-has also made what we used to call “content” obselete. I don’t understand how there are so many people online asking writers to “whip up” content for nothing. I guesss they think it’s easy. Or they are just poverty-conscious and don’t want to pay. We pay for what we value.

But I’m more focused on the solution. because it’s easy to bitch about it but harder to actually innovate. The only constant in life is change itself and the reality is, economies change. What was a highly valued service one year may be obsolete the next. Our job as creative people-if we truly are creative-is to create our own niches and revenue streams as times change. We have to put our thinking caps on, here. I’m talking to everybody, here-not just writers. The call is for us to begin wrapping up all the pouting and commiserating (as good as it feels to nurse our wounds) and start redirecting that energy and dissapointment into reinventing ourselves.

That takes faith. And work. And a working faith. It takes vision, discipline and focus. It’s time to break free from the poor, starving artist paradigm. Or the economy’s bad paradigm. Or the “poor man’s fate” paradigm.

The good news is that most people aren’t willing to do this, so those of us who do will stand out immediately. Think about it this way: in a down economy, is the amount of money and resources any less than in an up economy? Really think about it. The answer is no. A so-called recession, depression or “down” economy just means the resources are changing hands. But because people are so complacent and comfortable (not excluding myself here) what happens is we get hit. It’s like all the blood in your body rushes to your head and you get lightehaded. Kind of..

My point is that money is energy and it isn’t disspearing during so-called hard times. It just is rushing to another place. The challenge is for us to be aware of what’s going on and being producers instead of just consumers. Successful businesses stay successful by staying ahead of the game and looking ahead five years (or more) to anticipate the changing trends and economic changes on their way.

And we must do the same if we want to be successful too. In the last few months I have subscribed to a business magazine to keep in the know and study the trends for holes or gaps that need to be filled. With every change, there are new needs created. For example, with the explosion of online businesses, merchant account companies like Paypal filled the gap for online shopping needs.

So, I agree- it sucks out there. People are poverty-conscious. But I also understand the infinite potential, too. A good start would be a shift in consciousness from “lack-based” thinking to a prosperity, winning mentality.

Until next time.

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