The disease of Parental Irresponsibility

Hey readers,

I haven’t written in a while. But a story broke last week that really got my fire burning. A teenage girl was punished for going to a party to pick up her drunk friend who called her and asked for a ride home.

**here is the link to the story so you can see for yourself:

I watched a video on You Tube of a guy whose channel I follow there. He was commenting on the situation after someone contacted him asking him to garner some public awareness and support for this girl who according to the parents was unjustly being crucified for being a good Samaritan.

One thing: Are you kidding me?!!!

This story really irked me because it showcases what is really wrong with humanity today. First let me say that I commented on the video (which I rarely do) and I spent the rest of the day being stalked by some person hiding behind an internet profile. She kept filling up my inbox with rhetoric about my supposed ignorance and narrow mindedness.

This person (and a plethora of other people I might add) have an argument that the real issue is the school’s zero tolerance laws. She contacted me again with links to two other stories-one where a teen committed suicide over the threat of being registered as a sex offender after breaking one of his own high school’s zero-tolerance laws…

And this is supposed to garner sympathy from me?

Listen and listen good all you parents out there. Maybe if YOU had zero tolerance laws in your HOME institutions wouldn’t have to do it for you!

Back to the story, though…this girl is guilty of breaking the policy forbidding underage drinking and related offenses. When she arrived to the house where the teens were drinking, the police arrived there, too-and she basically got caught up in the punishment. As a result, she was demoted as head cheerleader and some other stuff. Basically she received disciplinary action.

And this is unjust according to many-starting with the parents.

This shows me how suckey parents are and how they are really the problem. See, people tend to fight against the outcome of a situation instead of actually taking the time to evaluate things critically. I am not an insensitive a**hole. I am just looking at this from a holistic and logical perspective. It’s alot easier to blame the unfair school policies than to question why these kids are out at someone’s house getting piss drunk to where they cannot even drive home safely. Let’s deal with that. Where are the parents of these kids? Why are they not instilling in their children values and a moral compass?

You know why?

Because they fully support this drinking nonsense themselves! The parents are degenerates, mindless immature, no character having drones of the matrix.

As one person argued, “what was she supposed to do? Say no? Was she supposed to let someone die? She should be getting an award for this, not being punished!”

If you believe this, you, frankly, are an idiot.

This girl’s parents should be using this as a teaching lesson to show her that this is life. You make choices and you have to suffer the consequences for those choices. It’s called personal responsibility.

But since there’s no parental responsibility whatsoever, you’ve got grown people running around with this delusional moral outrage crying “this isn’t fair!” which only perpetuates the immature behavior of these teenagers.

This girl has to learn a lesson we all have to-what “real friends” are. You don’t throw yourself under the bus for anyone. It isn’t her moral responsibility to cover for her so-called friend’s asinine behavior. It would be different if it was for a noble cause. But to get drunk? Come on, folks. These kids knew the rules.

..Or maybe they didn’t. Most parents don’t’ know the school rule book or policies of where they enroll their children-at least not until something like this happens where the policies are enforced. This is irresponsible parenting. As usual, people are reactionary instead of proactionary.

And the kids are watching all this….and mentally taking notes.

That’s the message I got here. We need to start being honest about the fact that most people don’t give a DAMN about their kids. If they did, they wouldn’t be arguing over some unfair school policy. They would be instilling into their children what they need to be healthy, whole, successfully functioning adults.

And you’re not those things if you think getting drunk is a form of necessary entertainment. It’s stupid. Alcohol poisons the body. That’s why you have such a bad reaction to it (i.e. hangovers). And not to mention the fact that if you have to be intoxicated to have “fun” what does that say about the real you?

How many of these parents have instilled self-esteem into their kids? How many parents have self-esteem themselves? This whole thing is problematic on many levels.

Instead of rallying against the educational system, how about rallying FOR their teens and programs to help them be better people and cultivate themselves? But that will take some honesty about their failed parenting first. And, well, that’s not likely.

Until next time.

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