My new word for the week: #Bosshole

As a wordsmith, I love learning new, cleverly-configured words.

bosshole This week’s word: Bosshole.

Not sure what it means?

Boss-hole: Boss + asshole = bosshole

Need I say more?

It’s hilarious.

It’s hilarious because if you’re reading this, you probably have a bosshole standing over your shoulder right now. Or you have a bad memory of one from a past job.

Either way, we’ve all been touched by the bosshole.

These people who feel small and insignificant in real life and are the worst people to give any kind of authority position. Once they taste a little drop of the power, (no matter how low on the totem pole they may be) the asshole morphs into the bosshole. They’re self-deluded and think they do nothing wrong and everyone else is a screw-up. They somehow believe that everyone’s job is easy. When they send you an email at 10:00, they want to know why you haven’t responded by 10:01.

And many an entrepreneur has their bosshole to thank for the push they needed to pursue their own life path. The bosshole makes life so unbearable, so uncomfortable, so miserable that you have no choice but to question your life, your existence and to think about what you really want out of life. When you regret having to get out of bed every morning, knowing the bosshole is waiting, what else is a sane person going to do?

Until next time.

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1 Response to My new word for the week: #Bosshole

  1. Bosshole! How have I never heard this before… Genius!

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