Upside down, inside out: the Holiday Season is here again

With Thanksgiving approaching tomorrow, and the infamous Black Friday after that, let me ask you a question:

Does it seem like when the holidays roll around that something feels off?

For those of us who are over 35, we’ve been doing the calendar year for a while.

It just seems like we’re a hamster on a wheel. For me, everytime black friday rolls around (for those who don’t know, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” which is the biggest shopping day of the year when idiots-oops I meant people-camp out in front of stores at 3 or 4 in the morning to be the first to get in the store for the year’s biggest sale).

And every year without fail someone is killed during one of these “Black Friday” sales. Last year, another Walmart security guard was trampled to death at the grand opening of their Black Friday sale. The front doors often get broken by the herds of obsessed shoppers who make a pack of bulls running at you seem like puppies.

And I’m asking, does that seem right to you?

Not just stupid or greedy. I mean, does it seem like a program we’re running? Every year, people do the same thing over and over again. And every year, the media reports on it the exactly same way….

Here is a profound quote from a very controversial-and minimally creepy- figure named David Icke about the society of humanity:

Our media destroy information

Our doctors destroy health

Our lawyers destroy justice

Our schools destroy knowledge…

And I’ll add a few more to the list:

Our families destroy love

We think truth is ugly

We say pain is love

We kill our prophets……

Like Marvin Gaye sang decades ago: What’s going on?

He (David Icke) talks about connecting the dots of this matrix we call reality. Love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter. It’s time for us to stop deluding ourselves and open our eyes. I could see it if the way things are were benefitting us. It only benefits a small few while the masses of humanity are getting their heinies kicked. So, why not open our minds to the idea that there may be more to what is going on around us than we’ve been told.

Things are upside down and inside out for us personally and professionally and it’s time to turn off the music award shows and reality shows, put down the foam finger and hot dogs for sports games, retire those video game joysticks and start:

-thinking in silence

Until next time.

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