The new snobbery: food snobs, spiritual snobs or lifestyle snobs

new age

Quickie here.

A bit fed up with modern day snobbery. We need to put it on the table so we can begin challenging the status quo.

The old-school snobbery are the religious snobs mainly. There was also the racial snobbery and the ethnic snobbery–where people who identified with a certain “race” felt they were better than other “racial” groups.

Don’t get it wrong–these snobberies are alive and kickin’. But we have some new snobberies on arrival with this “New Age” paradigm said to be sweeping the earth.

This awakening of Humanity’s spiritual consciousness has opened the door for new snobberies courtesy of the “good” team–the “lightworkers”, “conscious” people.

What are these snobberies, you ask?

As mentioned in the title, here goes:

1. Food snobs.
I’ve talked about this before and will keep speaking on it. Food is the new religion. Vegans are talking about how they are better than carnivores because they eat plants and how much they love animals and the planet. Vegetarians are snubbing carnivores and paleo-eaters for eating “animal flesh”; Raw foodists are snubbing Vegans for eating vegetables that are sometimes cooked; fruitarians (people who eat only raw fruit) are snubbing raw foodists because they eat vegetables… and breathatarians (people who don’t eat food but use air as food) are snubbing fruitarians for eating physical food.

It’s a hot mess, folks.

2.Spiritual snobs.
In the past, as I said, there were religious snobs. But now we have “New Age” snobs. You know, the Yoga people with their stupid poses (okay, it’s not stupid, but they can be annoying) and their sitting “Indian-Style” with both hands resting on their knees with the middle finger and thumb touching thing…

Oh yeah, and the crystal therapy, chakras and the lingo (i.e. we’re all connected). Love, love, love…sending “love and light” all the damn time and finding our “tribes”.

**funny, when blacks or indigenous people were in tribes, they were savages or primitive.

But I digress.

The point: This stuff is just another set of norms to adhere to or else be looked down upon or judged. All this “love and light” stuff is the “New age” version of religious holiness.

Another hot mess.

And one more hot mess to go:

3.Wellness lifestyle snobs.
This is where you have food snobs who are homeschooling their children, home-birthing, doing what they love for a career, running or working for a “socially conscious” business, etc. They only eat organic foods, have expensive water filters in their homes, buy local fresh, in-season food from the farmer’s market… All this is wonderful, but it can get annoying if you’re not doing it, too. Some of these folks can be snobs about it.

Not everyone chooses to do what the “wellness snob” does or have the conviction to do so. Maybe they are fine as is or are not at a place mentally, physically, financially to live the same lifestyle–an expensive lifestyle at that. Have you tried buying organic anything lately?

The bottom line is that we should not judge or look down on anyone who lives differently than us. What ultimately matters is if what you’re doing works for you. And hec, even if it doesn’t work for them, who are YOU to snub them and tell them (or make them feel) that they are in error?

My vision is for the real paradigm–which is to do what works best for you.

Until next time.

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