Ghostwriting stuff

10 signs you’re dealing with a loser not a client:

1. They say things like, “My life is crazy.”

2. They make no mention of money.

3. They promise the book will be a bestseller.

4. They complain about how broke they are.

5. They pledge royalties as payment.

6. They have no clue how they will publish their book.

7. They “just know” it will be a bestseller.

8. They know which actor will play them in the movie.

9. They ask you to name a price.


10. They want you to do everything plus writing: editing, book cover design, marketing, etc.

*Bonus: They say things about how writing is so easy, and it should take X amount of time to complete… you know, things that make you want to say, “Well, why don’t YOU do it then?”


“What all ghostwriters need to know”

Today’s topic is on what aspiring ghostwriters need to know. Realistically, you didn’t set out to be a “ghostwriter” when you grew up. If you’re like me, you had big dreams of being Steven King or Danielle Steele.

But this is about the business of ghostwriting, which is a potentially lucrative field. If you desire to be a working writer, not just a hobbyist, then this is for you.

note: I haven’t arrived yet. But I have some lessons I’ve learned in the 2 years I’ve been doing the ghostwriting thing.

So, without further ado,

Five things you need to know if you want to be a professional working ghostwriter:

1. You are an entrepreneur first, a writer second.

2. You must have contract-negotiation skills.

3. You must be able to capture other people’s voice, concept, thoughts and ideas into written word.

4. You must have a marketing mindset.

5. You must be knowledgable of not only the writing process but the publishing world, editing and agents as well. It helps make you more valuable.



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