The disease of Parental Irresponsibility

Hey readers,

I haven’t written in a while. But a story broke last week that really got my fire burning. A teenage girl was punished for going to a party to pick up her drunk friend who called her and asked for a ride home.

**here is the link to the story so you can see for yourself:

I watched a video on You Tube of a guy whose channel I follow there. He was commenting on the situation after someone contacted him asking him to garner some public awareness and support for this girl who according to the parents was unjustly being crucified for being a good Samaritan.

One thing: Are you kidding me?!!!

This story really irked me because it showcases what is really wrong with humanity today. First let me say that I commented on the video (which I rarely do) and I spent the rest of the day being stalked by some person hiding behind an internet profile. She kept filling up my inbox with rhetoric about my supposed ignorance and narrow mindedness.

This person (and a plethora of other people I might add) have an argument that the real issue is the school’s zero tolerance laws. She contacted me again with links to two other stories-one where a teen committed suicide over the threat of being registered as a sex offender after breaking one of his own high school’s zero-tolerance laws…

And this is supposed to garner sympathy from me?

Listen and listen good all you parents out there. Maybe if YOU had zero tolerance laws in your HOME institutions wouldn’t have to do it for you!

Back to the story, though…this girl is guilty of breaking the policy forbidding underage drinking and related offenses. When she arrived to the house where the teens were drinking, the police arrived there, too-and she basically got caught up in the punishment. As a result, she was demoted as head cheerleader and some other stuff. Basically she received disciplinary action.

And this is unjust according to many-starting with the parents.

This shows me how suckey parents are and how they are really the problem. See, people tend to fight against the outcome of a situation instead of actually taking the time to evaluate things critically. I am not an insensitive a**hole. I am just looking at this from a holistic and logical perspective. It’s alot easier to blame the unfair school policies than to question why these kids are out at someone’s house getting piss drunk to where they cannot even drive home safely. Let’s deal with that. Where are the parents of these kids? Why are they not instilling in their children values and a moral compass?

You know why?

Because they fully support this drinking nonsense themselves! The parents are degenerates, mindless immature, no character having drones of the matrix.

As one person argued, “what was she supposed to do? Say no? Was she supposed to let someone die? She should be getting an award for this, not being punished!”

If you believe this, you, frankly, are an idiot.

This girl’s parents should be using this as a teaching lesson to show her that this is life. You make choices and you have to suffer the consequences for those choices. It’s called personal responsibility.

But since there’s no parental responsibility whatsoever, you’ve got grown people running around with this delusional moral outrage crying “this isn’t fair!” which only perpetuates the immature behavior of these teenagers.

This girl has to learn a lesson we all have to-what “real friends” are. You don’t throw yourself under the bus for anyone. It isn’t her moral responsibility to cover for her so-called friend’s asinine behavior. It would be different if it was for a noble cause. But to get drunk? Come on, folks. These kids knew the rules.

..Or maybe they didn’t. Most parents don’t’ know the school rule book or policies of where they enroll their children-at least not until something like this happens where the policies are enforced. This is irresponsible parenting. As usual, people are reactionary instead of proactionary.

And the kids are watching all this….and mentally taking notes.

That’s the message I got here. We need to start being honest about the fact that most people don’t give a DAMN about their kids. If they did, they wouldn’t be arguing over some unfair school policy. They would be instilling into their children what they need to be healthy, whole, successfully functioning adults.

And you’re not those things if you think getting drunk is a form of necessary entertainment. It’s stupid. Alcohol poisons the body. That’s why you have such a bad reaction to it (i.e. hangovers). And not to mention the fact that if you have to be intoxicated to have “fun” what does that say about the real you?

How many of these parents have instilled self-esteem into their kids? How many parents have self-esteem themselves? This whole thing is problematic on many levels.

Instead of rallying against the educational system, how about rallying FOR their teens and programs to help them be better people and cultivate themselves? But that will take some honesty about their failed parenting first. And, well, that’s not likely.

Until next time.

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Thrown Under the Bus: 3 things we can learn from Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus

It’s time for another segment of “Thrown under the Bus”.

Today’s victim: Miley Cyrus, aka Cyrus the Virus

By now, we’ve all seen or heard about the infamous Video Music Awards (known as the VMA’s) performance by former Hannah Montanna pop idol, Miley Cyrus.

The same Miley who got thrown under the bus.

Millions-literally millions-of everyday people were tweeting, facebooking, instagramming, you-tubing and gossiping about this brazen “twerking” performance she did with singer Robin Thicke (who was wearing the ugliest black-and-white striped pantsuit I’ve ever seen, by the way).

Hopefully this outfit doesn’t catch on to the fellas out there.

But I digress.

If you haven’t checked it out yet (the performance that is), go to You Tube and type in “Miley Cyrus VMA performance” to get an idea of what I’m talking about (although the picture above says it all).

Where most people use this kind of event as an opportunity to look down on a celebrity and revel in their public downgrading, I opt to see what lessons can be learned.

Because everything holds a lesson.

Since time is of the essence, I’ll get right down to it:

Lesson #1: We are all human. People (including the ones pointing the finger at Miley) all go through phases. I don’t know Miley, but it looks like she’s in the midst of a deep valley in her life. But we’ve all been there in one way or another. She was a child superstar starting at an early age. Who knows what she’s dealing with personally?

The issue I take with people is that they love to build people up so they can knock them down to their level again just so they can say, hey, they’re no better than I am! We need to stop judgin people when we are no better. Just because you didn’t do exactly what she did doesn’t mean you are somehow better. Raise your self-esteem and you won’t feel the need to look for reasons to look down on anyone to make yourself feel better.

Lesson #2: Make getting to know yourself your #1 priority. The ancient people of the earth said to “know thyself”. Find out who you are, what your value and belief systems are and what your price is. As comedian Dave Chapelle said, know your price and if the price gets too high, you know what to do” (paraphrased).

Miley may not know her price yet. And neither do the black girls dancing and twerking onstage with her wearing teddy bear suits.

And Robin Thicke’s wardrobe stylist definitely didn’t know his/her price.

Drumroll please….

Lesson #3: People need to get a life. Really. Why is this big news? See, when your life is so boring and miserable and unmeaningful, you have the time and attention to worry about celebrities and what they’re doing. What are YOU doing? What’s going on in YOUR life?

Here’s a little tip: Instead of pissing away time on frivolous stuff like Hollywood Celebrities, music award shows, reaity t.v., and the like, how about getting off your butt and fixing your life? Because there’s some area of your life that could be better-be it financial, emotional, relationships, or social. How you choose to spend your time and what you spend time talking about determines your future. Choose wisely!

But wait…there’s more…

PSA (Public service announcement): Parents please give a damn about your children!


No one else is talking about this, but I just gotta say it:

Who the HELL are all these screaming kids (automatons) in the audience?!!!! Where are their parents? Why does no adult care enough not to let them go to some show where their young minds are LITERALLY being programmed with-let’s just call it what it is: PEDOPHILLIC subliminal messages and OVERT and OVERSEXUAL words and messages?!!!

Study psychology and the human mind. Your children are being seduced and their subconscious minds are manipulated to meet the agenda of the people behind the scenes pulling the strings?

Think about it: why would they allow all this stuff on these award shows to be approved to a rated G audience when it’s obviously rated X?

Remember Nikki Minaj and Little Wayne’s performance where she gave him a lap dance on stage in front of an audinece of kids? And when seh took the dildo and thrust it through her legs and toward the audience?

And that’s just 2 examples.

Bottom line, Miley’s 2013 stage rompings pales in comparison to some stuff that went on onstage of years past.

Do I agree with her performance actions? No. Did I find it entertaining? No. But that’s not the point of this post. This isn’t about judging Miley, Robin, or anyone else involved. It’s about what lessons can be gleaned from this.

Come on, parents! Get your behinds off Facebook, Twitter and whatever else you make more important than your so-called most precious commodities: your chidren! Care! Stop being so selfish.

And by the way, I can understand if you let your kids watch the performance on t.v. in order to use it as a teaching lesson. Use it to school your kids on what not to do and why.

I guess it’s hard to be a good parent when you’re brainwashed yourself.

Enjoy your holiday weekend,

Until next time.

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My new word for the week: #Bosshole

As a wordsmith, I love learning new, cleverly-configured words.

bosshole This week’s word: Bosshole.

Not sure what it means?

Boss-hole: Boss + asshole = bosshole

Need I say more?

It’s hilarious.

It’s hilarious because if you’re reading this, you probably have a bosshole standing over your shoulder right now. Or you have a bad memory of one from a past job.

Either way, we’ve all been touched by the bosshole.

These people who feel small and insignificant in real life and are the worst people to give any kind of authority position. Once they taste a little drop of the power, (no matter how low on the totem pole they may be) the asshole morphs into the bosshole. They’re self-deluded and think they do nothing wrong and everyone else is a screw-up. They somehow believe that everyone’s job is easy. When they send you an email at 10:00, they want to know why you haven’t responded by 10:01.

And many an entrepreneur has their bosshole to thank for the push they needed to pursue their own life path. The bosshole makes life so unbearable, so uncomfortable, so miserable that you have no choice but to question your life, your existence and to think about what you really want out of life. When you regret having to get out of bed every morning, knowing the bosshole is waiting, what else is a sane person going to do?

Until next time.

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Marching… seriously?


Since the Wall Street situation, I’ve been reflecting alot on marching and protesting. I’m wondering what’s the point of it all. I’m considering that maybe it’s keeping us stuck in a certain mindset that’s ruining us. It’s keeping us stagnant.

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial is over and protests are being discussed again across the country. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how protesting changes anything.


I see protesting and marching like a child throwing a tantrum. Once it’s over, the child goes back to normal.

And so do We the People.

Marching is a very emotional reaction. It also is what powerless people do. You don’t ask for justice, you take it. You don’t ask for peace, you make it. Yes, petitions can be used as an effective tool to represent the population when demanding certain changes-particularly in situations where the consumer consent is needed.

But when the consumer doesn’t have any leverage, marching and protesting is a waste of time. That’s what the politically ignorant do. Money talks in this monetary system we live in. And if you want to be really honest, protesting and marching is for lazy folks.


Lazy people do all their marching for a day, a week, even a month- and then they can move on to something else, yet feel justified because they “contributed and did their part”.

Guess what, people: Marching isn’t the work. The REAL work is what you do once the marching is over.

Unti next time.

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Are We Insane: Still Voting?


It’s time for another “Are We Insane?” segment again.

Today’s topic: Politics, aka politricks

Last year, in 2012, I watched all the people running around, getting gussied up to go vote.

They think it matters.

They think it’s riding on their shoulders…

Well, “think” is a strong word.

“Thinking” people don’t vote. “Thinking” people aren’t out there crying and cheering at political rallies.

“Thinking” people remember 2001 when George Bush, Jr. took the popular vote right out of Al Gore’s hands. It was blatant, right in our faces. It didn’t take a genius to figure out: Gore had more votes. Bush was still declared the winner.

Hear that? Winner. That’s right. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest. Bushie got to be homecoming queen.

prom queen

How can this be?

Oh well, we let it slide. September 11 was the center of our universe. We were traumatized and afraid and needed a big white daddy to come save us…..

But alas, “thinking”.

“Thinking” people connect the dots. The lesson from the 2001 campaign?

Our votes don’t count.

But hey, this is no secret. It’s in plain sight.

I took political courses in college that taught us about a little thing called the “electoral college”.

Yes, the electoral college. Go look it up.

We heard it, but we weren’t paying attention. By the time we’re in college we’re so dumbed down by media, school, and government that we don’t even care. All we’re waiting for is for class to be over so we can get wasted (drunk), smoke weed, party, or screw somebody. But it’s right there:

The electoral college selects who becomes president 4 YEARS IN ADVANCE.




Well, simple if you’re thinking.

See, what most of us don’t realize in all our voting, t-shirt wearing, campaign money-raising, debate watching, debate having, roundtable discussion- holding on Bill Maher, is that it doesn’t matter. I know it sounds overly simplistic and short-sighted, but it doesn’t matter.

Stop saying Obama is creating this program or doing this or that.

The president or “Commander-in-Chief” has one function: to do the bidding of his employers.

Who are the president’s employers?

Hint: it’s not you. Taxpayers don’t run the government. And while we’re at it, the majority of people aren’t taxPAYERS out of intent and choice. Taxes are forcefully extracted from United States citizens. In the context of this discussion, this means that people need to stop toting around how they pay taxes. If taxes were optional, they sure as hell wouldn’t be paying them. Americans are not interested in where their money is going or being involved in where it’s going. That would require personal responsiblity and self-determination. The price we pay for not being self-ruled and self-regulated manifests itself as taxes.

So, you ask, if taxpayers are not running the government, then who?

Investors. We can call corporations criminal all we want to, but the reality is we are ignorant of politics. The whole purpose of these huge fundraising campaigns is for interested parties to bid on legal support to further their purposes.

Examples of “interested parties”:



-Groups with legal status: gays (LGBT)s, women, Jews (the Jewish community)

-Wealthy families, i.e. the Rothchild family

-Unions: Teacher’s union, worker’s unions, etc.

Money is given to the presidential candidate and his or her party to solidify that this politician will represent their interests by passing bills and statutes in their favor-perhaps a tax decrease for a particular industry for example.

Do you think Barack Obama, a supposedly “Black” president, gave NBA basketball Jason Collins a phone call when Jason publicly announced he was a homosexual man? Let’s get this straight: hundreds of black youths are dying at one another’s hands in gang violence in “Chi-raq”- Obama’s political hometown-and he says nothing? But this athlete announces he’s gay and gets a personal phone call from THE PRESIDENT?

Think critically about this.

WHY would this happen? It happened because the LGBT group were some of Barack’s-if not his biggest-contributors.

Votes don’t have power. Economic support does. Most people are very child-like when it comes to this subject. They treat elections like the high school prom. That’s LITERALLY what it is-a POPULARITY CONTEST.

People actually believe that it matters if they like or dislike a politican!


All that matters is how much financial support you put on the table in the form of campaign contributions and other legal “loopholes” used to disguise bribery.

People, it’s time to get with the program. And stop thinking it’s EVIL. It’s the game. Deal with it. That’s why Black youths are dying in record numbers and Obama says nothing. Blacks only came to Barack with their vote and nothing else. No one stepped to Barack with any requirements and financial backing. “Liking” a politician is worth nothing. Wake up, please and organize so you can get in the game and prosper.

Don’t believe me? Look up the term “electoral college”. The word “College” means society. The “EC” is a small group with private interests who decide who the president is in advance.

They already know who the candidates will be for the 2016 election.

So are we insane?

If we are voting in 2016, yes.

Until next time.

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Are We Insane? Trayvon Martin

george zimmerman trial The public trial of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin is going on. The way things are playing out, it looks like a slap on the wrist-at best.

Rumors are that rioting is on the horizon if Zimmerman isn’t convicted of a hard-enough sentence.

First and foremost, let me express my condolences to Trayvon’s family.

Now with that said, here’s the thing:

For those of us who are black, we have better things to do that pull another “Rodney King” riot on our own neighborhoods. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. Reacting with extreme emotionalism is unacceptable-especially in 2013.

The bigger picture is this: politics.

Every trial that is publicized is made news-worthy for a purpose. Nothing we see on the news is accidental. I have written for magazines and believe me, nothing gets through the editorial chain of command without approval.

Black people are hypocritical. Think about the hundreds of murders taking place in Chicago to the point where the name “Chi-raq” has become popular. (“Chi-raq” meaning that more young black men are dying in Chicago than in the war in Iraq). Black youths are killing each other every day and no black outrage. No boycottts. No rioting in-house. But when a white-slash-hispanic man kills a black boy it becomes unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the “powers that be” are deliberate with their actions. They carefully plan things out in advance. They understand human psychology-unlike many of us. This trial-like the O.J. Simpson trial-is a deliberate polarizing force for the American people-the “black vs. white” dividing factor.

It’s important to keep people divided over issues like race in order to keep people deaf, dumb, and distracted. This Trayvon situation was made mainstream because it has a purpose: to substantiate the self-defense shoot-to-kill law. It’s no accident why the prosecutors of Trayvon’s case are doing such an awful, incompetent job. Look at their star witness-a nail in Trayvon’s coffin-and SHE’S supposed to be the star withness for the PROSECUTION!!!

There is something brewing under the surface here and we need to pay attention. Moreover, we need to wake up before we don’t wake up at all.

It’s not just a nail in Martin’s coffin (pardon the pun here) but it’s a nail in the majority of Black america’s coffin as well. The idea is to use the media to present the image of a black male (Trayvon Martin) as a “savage” that is a threat to society. The justification for shooting him will embolden whites to shoot to kill more freely-and more importantly, to understand that there will be no repercussions legally.

The other side is the right to bear arms. This situation has been used to justify stripping Americans (whites) of their right to protect themselves. The goal is to villify Zimmerman so that the public freely forfeits their constituional rights to the government.

And Black people are at fault for this Trayvon mess. They are at fault because they use emotionalism to deal with legal issues instead of forming alliances in their best interest.

civil rights

This is not the 1960s. Marching, holding picket signs screaming, “No justice, no peace!” is useless. All it does is get Blacks all riled up for a day or maybe even a week at most and make them feel as if they did something beneficial. Then, once the fever passes, they go right back to business as usual. Instead of “no justice, no peace” it should be “no action, no progress”.

Long-term action, that is.

A personal-and collective- committment to self-improvement. Not just for a day.

Are we insane?

When we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results-yes.

When we buy into this contrived, fake, hypocritical, selective moral outrage? Yep.

When we put on hoodies, buy Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea (making these companies’ profit margins skyrocket through the roof) as some so-called political stance for justice, then YES!

“I AM TRAYVON MARTIN” was the slogan. People had it on their facebook pages and everything-even grandmothers were doing it.

i am trayvon

We’re insane. Saying you’re Trayvon Martin is the exact equivalent of saying you’re a victim-because that’s what he was perceived to be.

Question: Why are we identifying with a victim and making Skittles rich? Here’s an idea: How about implementing community programs to give support for young boys and name it after Trayvon-i.e. the Trayvon Martin Community Center?


White america does this. When the little girl Amber was kidnapped and killed, it became Amber Alert. When a little white boy dies of cancer, the mother will advocate for cancer research and maybe get something named in his memory.

But not Black people.

As a collective (not individually) do we love our children? Do we value ourselves to do what ever it takes to make our own reality what we desire?

No. Because it’s alot easier to just buy hoodies, iced tea and candy than it is to actually put in the work to create the change we want to see.

Let’s be clear: I’m not pushing this “blacks need to band together like the Superfriends” fantasy either. Empowerment and enlightenment starts with self first. At this stage in the game, all bets are off. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. The social engineering from “whitey” has been successful with the masses. Many black youths are reared in single parent homes to abusive mothers who effeminize them and create another screwed up generation. And the mission has been accomplished. The majority of blacks have embraced the title of “savages” that they were told they were for hundreds of years.

They don’t want to change, they like the way they are. It’s time to let the chips fall where they may.

So when Georgie walks out with a slap on the wrist, I’ll be holding my breath.

Are we insane?

Unfortunately, yes.

Until next time.

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Stop trying to make everyone have to agree with you!

Hey, what’s up?

Feelin’ groovy…just finished my daily walk. I’m appreciating the summer weather. Where I live it doesn’t stay warm long.

But that’s not why I’m writing this.

No, I have a topic. It’s about opinions.

Question: Why does everyone have to agree with you? opinions

Let me explain.

The other day I commented on a You Tube video I really enjoyed.
I am not a commenter-as I have observed the war that goes on between keyboards in comment sections and I wasn’t eager to join in the “fun”- but at this particular instance I felt moved to share my thoughts.

Well, to my surprise, I saw a response in my email inbox. It wasn’t from the creator of the video but from a fellow you-tuber. She had no profile picture and didn’t use her real name (as is the status quo on the internet-grrr) but she felt the need to let me know that she disgreed with me.

I told her that my comment wasn’t personal. It was just my own observations on the topic. I also stated that her experience is her experience and to be honest, her feelings had nothing to do with the bigger picture of what the video was about.

Well, to my surprise when I open my inbox two hours later, there she is again, disagreeing with my response to her response.

I let her have the last word. That’s what she wanted, anyway. And besides, I don’t have the time or the energy for it.

My point: people have the right to disagree with you. Really.

I don’t have a problem with this person disagreeing with me. (It could be a go-bot for all I know with the internet)- but let’s stay on track here. The problem comes in when someone disagrees with me in a way where they are using it to correct me or “set me straight” -all because of my own perspective of something.

I have the right to my own opinion, dammit!

She was offended because she graduated from a HBCU (historically black college) and my comment stated that these schools were not in the best interest of black students. The video was of a clip of a tenured professor from Hampton University who teaches her students to relax their hair or cut it off (that means no natural stuff) if they wanted to be successful in corporate america. She was animate about her students fitting into white society.

Well, frankly this girl-gobot’s words pissed me off. She didn’t know me and had no idea why I said what I said. It was based on my own educated opinion (an opinion). In fact, I myself went to a HBCU for a brief time and I hated it. I saw the students there and the mentality that was not empowering to blacks-especially for a self-proclaimed historically black school. Not to mention I studied the history of the HBCUs years after I left that particular school and I pointed out how these so-called HBCUs were only slavery prepatory institutions.

This person/woman/go-bot went on to tell me how she did not have that experience and that I was incorrect about HBCUs.

In case you’re agreeing with this chick, let’s clear something up once and for all:

1. I don’t have to agree with you. Get over it.

2. I was not attacking you personally. If something I said triggers something in you, then there’s a reason you need to look at.

3. Just because it wasn’t your experience doesn’t mean what’s being said isn’t true.

…… and the main point here today:

4. If you disagree with me, then fine. But don’t go through the effort of getting in touch with me to let me know that you disagree with me! What purpose does that serve? How can you telling me you disagree with me be of any benefit whatsoever?

But no-ooooo. I have to be set straight. People, let’s grow up. I had to. I was like this woman not too long ago. I took things personally. I reacted and interpreted things through my emotions instead of stepping outside of what someone is saying to see the bigger picture.

There is a part of us that is so desparate for validation-external validation. We need everyone to co-sign what we do, what we have, who we date, what music we listen to, what movies we enjoy, what we look like…and apparently what college we went to.

This person/woman/go-bot took offense at my opinion of HBCUs because she graduated from one. So she is emotionally involved with this instituion and feels she has to defend it. Meanwhile, as I so kindly tried to remind her, the real issue was not whether HBCUs were good or bad, but why these schools were not grooming black youth for autonomy instead of just trying to fit in with “whitey” aka the system.

People listen with their emotions and get sidetracked.

Grow up. Please.

Until next time.

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