New Year’s eve: we’re dropping the ball once again

dropping ball

As the clock winds down to midnight on this New Year’s eve, I am home alone. A close friend asked me over email if I watch the ball drop in Times Square.

I told her what I’m about to tell you.

No. I don’t watch New Year’s eve television. I don’t have cable anyway. But even if I did, even IF I was plugged into the television Matrix, (I’m no snob, though—I enjoy a good movie or tv show once in a while) I still wouldn’t be watching “rockin’ New Year’s eve”. Dick Clark is dead, anyway–I guess Ryan Seacrest is doing it now…who the hell is this Ryan guy, anyway? How is he famous? For what?…..

But I digress.

I have never gone to Times Square for New Year’s eve. And I never plan to. One, there’s no bathrooms. Two: It’s freakin’ cold out there! Three: It’s a whole lotta people to be smushed up against-a bit too “sheeple-sih” for my tastes. Plus I don’t like crowds. Maybe I’m getting old. Or maybe I’m just getting unplugged.

But the main reason I no longer watch the ball drop or bother going to Times Square is that I realized something:

We’re watching the BALL DROP.


We-millions of us across planet earth-if not billions-are starting our “New Year” by dropping the ball!!!!!!!!!

This New Year’s eve thing is nothing more than a mass ritual set up by SOMEONE to harness all humanity’s focused energy on…DROPPING THE BALL!!!

I know-I sound like one of those “conspiracy nuts”.

But do yourself a favor. Research the origins of New Year’s eve. And while you’re at it, research the other major holidays, too. It’s time we start THINKING.

Instead of DROPPING THE BALL, why not RAISE THE BAR to bring in 2014?

Just a thought.

Peace, abundance, prosperity and blessings to you all!

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