Fake fairness and selective moral outrage

good person

Hello boys and girls.

Today’s topic is fake fairness and selective moral outrage.

Let me explain.

I have recently had an epiphany. We humans are full of crap.

Why would you say such a thing? you ask. Most people are good….

I say that because I had a lightbulb moment not too long ago when I realized something: the things that people complain are unfair really aren’t unfair. They call something (or someone) unfair or unjust because they aren’t benefitting from it.

This especially applies to “good” people. These “good people” are the most hypocritical group on earth. They are ignorant to why they do what they do and somehow feel superior to people they consider “evil” like corporate bankers or rich people-or George Zimmerman….

Let me attempt to illustrate what I call “fake fairness”.

The child support system.

A nasty topic and a very controversial one, too. You got men complaining about the divorce laws and the child support rulings. But the only reason they’re upset is that the system and its rules puts them on the losing end. See, if they were winning, you think they would be complaining about it?


If women were the ones who had no rights in family court and were getting railroaded by the system, you think these men who are ticked off would be complaining?

Oh, that’s right-that USED to be the system. And prior to the women’s feminist movements, there were no men throwing a fit about their wives, lovers, girlfriends, neices, mothers and daughters not being treated fairly…

That’s why fairness is fake. Most people don’t really care about fairness. They only care when they don’t have the winning hand.

I could name examples all night long, here, but let’s move on:

Selective moral outrage.

Another illustration: The Trayvon Martin Case.

If you don’t know, Trayvon was a teenager gunned down and killed by a Florida neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. The case went to trial after a controversial year of Zimmerman not being arrested. It was also a polarizing event in the media due to Trayvon being a black male and Zimmerman being a White Hispanic.

One black young male is singled out to be a posterchild in the media and its cronies— meanwhile black youths are being killed by the hundreds in large cities like Chicago-hence the nickname, “Chi-raq”. (I have a blog post on this here if you want to check it out).

No one cares about the masses of black youths being slaughtered in inner city neighborhoods. Black people get outraged over Trayvon but not their own sons being killed by other black youth every day? Not only is it hypocrisy but it’s fake moral indignation. I guess they figure if they get up in arms about Trayvon (albeit in an emotional instead of a tactical way) then they have put in their seasonal “outrage duty” like we do jury duty for city court: Once a year we get upset over something and then we go back to the same ol’ same….

Fake, fake, fake!

A good start would be to begin intellectualizing things. People allow events presented strategically by the media to elicit the desired response-usually fear, despair or powerlessness all while distracting them from issues going on that actually impact their lives directly.

Humanity, we have a lot of work to do.

Until next time.

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