Ahh, welcome to my latest blog.

If you haven’t read the title, it’s about ghostwriting, love, life, books, entreprenuers, the cosmos…. and everything imbetween.  As a “writing-prenuer” my last blog was strictly about the field of ghostwriting, but I want to open it up to more of who I am. There is alot to share about life and spirituality without having to sacrifice my passion for writing and my prevailing theme of writing entreprenuership.

This blog is for everyone. There’s stuff for new writers-and especially for new ghostwriters. But let’s not exclude the veterans.  All are welcome.

Overall, my hope is to inspire, encourage, validate, mentor, and make people laugh as we all find our way through the  wilderness we call life.

Really, it’s for anyone who is looking for a main course of funny reality with some nuggets of wisdom on the side.

….Did I just use a MENU analogy?

Oh well, enjoy….  And feel free to comment or send me an email.  

h.c. holt


1 Response to About

  1. Lisa S. says:

    “Wow” What a great a time of great energy and enthusiasm. Creating this space with others nourish positive growth for everyone involved; allowing this platform to expore many different paths. May one day we will be working together when devine calls upon me to write.
    Love, Lisa Salaz

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