What is it gonna take for me to escape the Matrix?

redpillbluepill It’s holiday season again-that time of year when it becomes most evident that, all jokes aside, we are drones plugged into a manufactured

reality not in the best interest of our free will or our highest good. It is a time of traditions, where we do the same ol’ thing without knowing why. We defend our mindless rituals to critical thinkers and resist change-even if it’s for our good. Like Cipher in the Matrix, we want it safe; we want it predictable; and most of all, we want it comfortable–even if it is only an illusion or a “steak”.

My eyes are set on rising beyond the Matrix. Not running from it like Morpheus and the other free humans did until Neo. Neo represent self-actualization–a level of consciousness few humans reach. Most are like Cipher and lack the intergrity it takes to transcend the illusion and to know thyself. And like Neo, most of us have no clue as to how powerful we really are and that we are the ones giving the Matrix (what we call society) and the “Powers that be” its so-called authority over us.

Some have tried to free themselves from the Matrix via legal documents-this thing called “sovereignty”. Many who went public were jailed indefinitely. The IRS agent who went public about how income taxes are unconstitutional is literally sitting under the jail for treason. It is true that as citizens of the Matrix, our basic human rights are being violated at every turn, but we are at fault for allowing it. We’d rather have our “steak”. We’d rather have someone else create our reality FOR us instead of creating our own.

We’d rather have religion take care of our spiritality for us.
We’d rather have our schools teach us instead of teaching ourselves.
We’d rather have our gurus tell us what is truth than going within to find it.
We’d rather have our doctors take care of our health for us.
We’d rather trust the media to inform is than do the research ourselves.
We’d rather live vicariously through our celebrities and professional athletes than live amazing lives ourselves.
We’d rather follow our life coaches than follow our own heart and intuition.

So, how can we escape the Matrix?

Well, first I think we have to EVOLVE beyond it, not ESCAPE it. Escaping something implies that thing is more powerful than you. And whatever you run from, you end up running to.

Second, I think we must decide if we really want to move beyond the Matrix. As the saying goes, “to him that seeketh, ye shall find”. We have to stop living in our heads and get heart-honest about what we really want. Either way, “steak” or freedom, neither is good or bad. But we’ve got too many “Ciphers” mixed in with the “Neos”. I think we have to draw the line and make the distinction clear between the masses and the trailblazers.

Third, I think we need to be clear on what it takes to transcend this collective illusion we call the Matrix. Neo had to undergo a stringent training to self-actualize to the point where he could “stop bullets”. Rising beyond the Matrix requires some inner work, which is why most people won’t make it. Like Cipher, they aren’t ready and really need to be plugged back in.

See, to rise beyond the Matrix, we will need to understand that first we must prepare ourselves to be self-reliant and self-regulated. That means taking personal responsibility for our health and well-being, our finances, our thoughts and our actions. Victims cannot survive outside the Matrix. Either we are powerful beings or we are not. It doesn’t vary by situation.

I think we also must begin un-plugging over a period of time. It takes time to detox from being addicted to television and dependent on all the systems the Matrix has in place for us to depend on for our Livlihood. It takes dedication, patience and time.

First, free your mind.
Next, free yourself financially.

Money rules in the Matrix and most of us have been bred to be poor and helpless under the illusion that being poor is righteous and rich people are evil. Poverty-concsciousness is killing the masses, who are struggling day by day to make ends meet when in actuality we have access to the infinite source of infinite abundance. So I believe we must get free from working for someone else and get our own streams of income flowing in to sustain us. It’s hard to evolve when your time and energy is tied up in some hourly job that sucks your life force from you.

Ultimately, I believe that uncovering your gifts and talents and your LIFE PURPOSE is the key to freedom. You heard the new cliche’, “do what you love” and make money doing it, too! Unfortunately, we’ve been told that money is evil and so what we do to earn money has to be something we hate. It’s seen as wrong to charge for something you do from the heart. You must free your mind from all such limitations we’ve been sold as “reality” so we can create our own income doing what we love–so we don’t have to depend on the government, corporations or our jobs to survive and thrive.

Bottom line, when we get on the path of why we were born, as the old sayying goes,

“no weapon formed against us shall prosper.”

Unless, of course you dont believe that, and, well….good luck. (See Law of Attraction next right).

Enough said for now.

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