Are We Insane: Still Voting?


It’s time for another “Are We Insane?” segment again.

Today’s topic: Politics, aka politricks

Last year, in 2012, I watched all the people running around, getting gussied up to go vote.

They think it matters.

They think it’s riding on their shoulders…

Well, “think” is a strong word.

“Thinking” people don’t vote. “Thinking” people aren’t out there crying and cheering at political rallies.

“Thinking” people remember 2001 when George Bush, Jr. took the popular vote right out of Al Gore’s hands. It was blatant, right in our faces. It didn’t take a genius to figure out: Gore had more votes. Bush was still declared the winner.

Hear that? Winner. That’s right. It’s nothing more than a popularity contest. Bushie got to be homecoming queen.

prom queen

How can this be?

Oh well, we let it slide. September 11 was the center of our universe. We were traumatized and afraid and needed a big white daddy to come save us…..

But alas, “thinking”.

“Thinking” people connect the dots. The lesson from the 2001 campaign?

Our votes don’t count.

But hey, this is no secret. It’s in plain sight.

I took political courses in college that taught us about a little thing called the “electoral college”.

Yes, the electoral college. Go look it up.

We heard it, but we weren’t paying attention. By the time we’re in college we’re so dumbed down by media, school, and government that we don’t even care. All we’re waiting for is for class to be over so we can get wasted (drunk), smoke weed, party, or screw somebody. But it’s right there:

The electoral college selects who becomes president 4 YEARS IN ADVANCE.




Well, simple if you’re thinking.

See, what most of us don’t realize in all our voting, t-shirt wearing, campaign money-raising, debate watching, debate having, roundtable discussion- holding on Bill Maher, is that it doesn’t matter. I know it sounds overly simplistic and short-sighted, but it doesn’t matter.

Stop saying Obama is creating this program or doing this or that.

The president or “Commander-in-Chief” has one function: to do the bidding of his employers.

Who are the president’s employers?

Hint: it’s not you. Taxpayers don’t run the government. And while we’re at it, the majority of people aren’t taxPAYERS out of intent and choice. Taxes are forcefully extracted from United States citizens. In the context of this discussion, this means that people need to stop toting around how they pay taxes. If taxes were optional, they sure as hell wouldn’t be paying them. Americans are not interested in where their money is going or being involved in where it’s going. That would require personal responsiblity and self-determination. The price we pay for not being self-ruled and self-regulated manifests itself as taxes.

So, you ask, if taxpayers are not running the government, then who?

Investors. We can call corporations criminal all we want to, but the reality is we are ignorant of politics. The whole purpose of these huge fundraising campaigns is for interested parties to bid on legal support to further their purposes.

Examples of “interested parties”:



-Groups with legal status: gays (LGBT)s, women, Jews (the Jewish community)

-Wealthy families, i.e. the Rothchild family

-Unions: Teacher’s union, worker’s unions, etc.

Money is given to the presidential candidate and his or her party to solidify that this politician will represent their interests by passing bills and statutes in their favor-perhaps a tax decrease for a particular industry for example.

Do you think Barack Obama, a supposedly “Black” president, gave NBA basketball Jason Collins a phone call when Jason publicly announced he was a homosexual man? Let’s get this straight: hundreds of black youths are dying at one another’s hands in gang violence in “Chi-raq”- Obama’s political hometown-and he says nothing? But this athlete announces he’s gay and gets a personal phone call from THE PRESIDENT?

Think critically about this.

WHY would this happen? It happened because the LGBT group were some of Barack’s-if not his biggest-contributors.

Votes don’t have power. Economic support does. Most people are very child-like when it comes to this subject. They treat elections like the high school prom. That’s LITERALLY what it is-a POPULARITY CONTEST.

People actually believe that it matters if they like or dislike a politican!


All that matters is how much financial support you put on the table in the form of campaign contributions and other legal “loopholes” used to disguise bribery.

People, it’s time to get with the program. And stop thinking it’s EVIL. It’s the game. Deal with it. That’s why Black youths are dying in record numbers and Obama says nothing. Blacks only came to Barack with their vote and nothing else. No one stepped to Barack with any requirements and financial backing. “Liking” a politician is worth nothing. Wake up, please and organize so you can get in the game and prosper.

Don’t believe me? Look up the term “electoral college”. The word “College” means society. The “EC” is a small group with private interests who decide who the president is in advance.

They already know who the candidates will be for the 2016 election.

So are we insane?

If we are voting in 2016, yes.

Until next time.

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