Are We Insane? Trayvon Martin

george zimmerman trial The public trial of George Zimmerman for the killing of Trayvon Martin is going on. The way things are playing out, it looks like a slap on the wrist-at best.

Rumors are that rioting is on the horizon if Zimmerman isn’t convicted of a hard-enough sentence.

First and foremost, let me express my condolences to Trayvon’s family.

Now with that said, here’s the thing:

For those of us who are black, we have better things to do that pull another “Rodney King” riot on our own neighborhoods. We’ve got bigger fish to fry. Reacting with extreme emotionalism is unacceptable-especially in 2013.

The bigger picture is this: politics.

Every trial that is publicized is made news-worthy for a purpose. Nothing we see on the news is accidental. I have written for magazines and believe me, nothing gets through the editorial chain of command without approval.

Black people are hypocritical. Think about the hundreds of murders taking place in Chicago to the point where the name “Chi-raq” has become popular. (“Chi-raq” meaning that more young black men are dying in Chicago than in the war in Iraq). Black youths are killing each other every day and no black outrage. No boycottts. No rioting in-house. But when a white-slash-hispanic man kills a black boy it becomes unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the “powers that be” are deliberate with their actions. They carefully plan things out in advance. They understand human psychology-unlike many of us. This trial-like the O.J. Simpson trial-is a deliberate polarizing force for the American people-the “black vs. white” dividing factor.

It’s important to keep people divided over issues like race in order to keep people deaf, dumb, and distracted. This Trayvon situation was made mainstream because it has a purpose: to substantiate the self-defense shoot-to-kill law. It’s no accident why the prosecutors of Trayvon’s case are doing such an awful, incompetent job. Look at their star witness-a nail in Trayvon’s coffin-and SHE’S supposed to be the star withness for the PROSECUTION!!!

There is something brewing under the surface here and we need to pay attention. Moreover, we need to wake up before we don’t wake up at all.

It’s not just a nail in Martin’s coffin (pardon the pun here) but it’s a nail in the majority of Black america’s coffin as well. The idea is to use the media to present the image of a black male (Trayvon Martin) as a “savage” that is a threat to society. The justification for shooting him will embolden whites to shoot to kill more freely-and more importantly, to understand that there will be no repercussions legally.

The other side is the right to bear arms. This situation has been used to justify stripping Americans (whites) of their right to protect themselves. The goal is to villify Zimmerman so that the public freely forfeits their constituional rights to the government.

And Black people are at fault for this Trayvon mess. They are at fault because they use emotionalism to deal with legal issues instead of forming alliances in their best interest.

civil rights

This is not the 1960s. Marching, holding picket signs screaming, “No justice, no peace!” is useless. All it does is get Blacks all riled up for a day or maybe even a week at most and make them feel as if they did something beneficial. Then, once the fever passes, they go right back to business as usual. Instead of “no justice, no peace” it should be “no action, no progress”.

Long-term action, that is.

A personal-and collective- committment to self-improvement. Not just for a day.

Are we insane?

When we keep doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results-yes.

When we buy into this contrived, fake, hypocritical, selective moral outrage? Yep.

When we put on hoodies, buy Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea (making these companies’ profit margins skyrocket through the roof) as some so-called political stance for justice, then YES!

“I AM TRAYVON MARTIN” was the slogan. People had it on their facebook pages and everything-even grandmothers were doing it.

i am trayvon

We’re insane. Saying you’re Trayvon Martin is the exact equivalent of saying you’re a victim-because that’s what he was perceived to be.

Question: Why are we identifying with a victim and making Skittles rich? Here’s an idea: How about implementing community programs to give support for young boys and name it after Trayvon-i.e. the Trayvon Martin Community Center?


White america does this. When the little girl Amber was kidnapped and killed, it became Amber Alert. When a little white boy dies of cancer, the mother will advocate for cancer research and maybe get something named in his memory.

But not Black people.

As a collective (not individually) do we love our children? Do we value ourselves to do what ever it takes to make our own reality what we desire?

No. Because it’s alot easier to just buy hoodies, iced tea and candy than it is to actually put in the work to create the change we want to see.

Let’s be clear: I’m not pushing this “blacks need to band together like the Superfriends” fantasy either. Empowerment and enlightenment starts with self first. At this stage in the game, all bets are off. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. The social engineering from “whitey” has been successful with the masses. Many black youths are reared in single parent homes to abusive mothers who effeminize them and create another screwed up generation. And the mission has been accomplished. The majority of blacks have embraced the title of “savages” that they were told they were for hundreds of years.

They don’t want to change, they like the way they are. It’s time to let the chips fall where they may.

So when Georgie walks out with a slap on the wrist, I’ll be holding my breath.

Are we insane?

Unfortunately, yes.

Until next time.

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