Throwing People Under the Bus-Paula Deen

I’m thinking about starting a new segment called, “Under the bus”.


Because every time we turn around, someone is under fire for something ridiculous-and it needs to be looked at.

And who’s under the bus today?

paula deen You guessed it: Paula Deen.

Yep. Paula Deen. The Cooking Lady. The “Okay Y’awlll!” lady. The southern belle, down-home cooking lady with the two sons.

Don’t lie. Most of you didn’t even know who Paula Deen was before this bad press. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. After this blows over-and it always does-she’ll be more popular than ever, increasing her bargaining power.

Now me-I knew about Miss Deen. I watched her show for years. I’m a “foodie” if you wanna call it that.

So when this came out, I was…well, surprised? No.

Not surprised? Not that either.

Instead, a little voice inside my head said,

“Ohhhh, here we go!”

Here we go again. Selective moral outrage.

Paula said the “N-word”!

And I’m black. So what? Now what?

Well, is she rascist?

Look, she’s an old white lady from the south. She was groomed in the days when nigger was okay to say, segregated neighborhoods were the norm, and the Klan was out and about burning crosses on lawns at will…it is what it is.

But we have something bigger to worry about.

Like what?

Like the fact that freedom of speech is down the toilet and we need to get the proverbial plunger before it’s too late.

Look, here’s the deal: you can say what you want, but you don’t have the right to put your hands on me. Or troll me on the internet. Or stalk me or my family or harrass me. Just back off and give me space to be me.

Society, however, has these “trigger words” which if said in any sort of public forum becomes an atomic bomb waiting to be dropped on your reputation, financial income, and way of life.

These “trigger words” pertain to 4 groups-who I call the Fantastic Four:

Jews (the Jewish community)
Black people (really black women)
Gays (the LGBT community)

Say anything about this Fantastic Four and your ass will be in hot water faster than a Baltimore crab in July.

It isn’t about moralism as the media and those so offended try and make it seem. It’s about PC (Political Correctness). We exist in a nation of over-sensitive wussies who are so insecure that anyone who says any trigger words like the N-word or the f-word (faggot) is immediately labeled “phobic”: homophobic, racist, or the B-word: a bigot.

Labeled without thought. Without consideration of the context. Without even being there or knowing the person. You just trust the media on it. You roll with the emotion of the crowd without critical thought….

Here’s the bottom line and the real issue:

I should respect you but I shouldn’t be forced to like you.

As long as I’m not infringing on your rights, threatening you, or trying in some way to force you to change what you’re doing, then I should have the right to feel however the hell I feel about a thing- be it homosexuality, someone of a different ethnic group, or anything else I have an opinion on.


But people are so insecure in who they are that no one can even share their personal opinion about anything. Unless they say “you’re perfect and wonderful”, that “I agree with you 100%” and “You can do no wrong” then all is fine.

I mean, if Paula went on a rant about how much she LOVED black people and said they were the best people on earth, then wouldn’t that be prejudiced and bigoted as well? Couldn’t white people get offended and claim she was putting down whites? Again, this is contrived, self-righteous, fake selective moral outrage… the Fantastic Four are at it again.

Here’s a question: Why do we give words so much power over us?

When I was growing up, they used to say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. They also said, “It isn’t what people call you, it’s what you answer to.”

Instead, we have the Fantastic Four running amuck, villafying people left and right. And really, it’s selective outrage. Besides, Paula’s views don’t conflict with her cooking programs. It’s not like she’s spewing her racism over her chicken and gravy recipe. In fact, her food is “southern style” (which really means white people’s version of soul food).

*Sidenote: It has been speculated that her recipes were ripped straight from black people’s cookbooks. She-like many whites with black ideas- just capitalzed on it. These black people were more likely some sort of maid, gardener or cook from back in the days of the ole’ south.

Hey, it’s not that I’m condoning her latent racism. All I’m saying is that there are bigger fish to fry right now. And if you’re black and you’re reading this, you know there are bigger issues in our community than this lady who you don’t watch anyway. In a month or two, you’ll forget this-just like the flashy light thing erases people’s memories in Men in Black:

flash pen mib

The media will be on to the next tragedy, the next victim of the Fantastic Four over yet another trigger word….

But this goes higher than the “Fantastic Four”.

There are select people who you can call “Oz” or the “powers that be” that have a vested interest in controlling the masses of humanity through trigger words and phrases. These words set off a subconscious reaction in people, and “Oz” knows how to manipulate this to their advantage.

Let’s start waking up.

“Oz” loves this stuff because it’s a perfect distraction for the public. Now people don’t have the mental space to really think about what’s really happening. About how our constitutional rights are being stripped away. About how to improve our lives. About how taxes are unconstituional….about this Matrix we call society.

You and I don’t know this Paula lady. Why do we care what she thinks? She fries chicken on tv for god sakes!

Good luck, Paula, but don’t worry-you’ll be back on the air in no time. Although the Food network probaly already had a bone to pick with you over losing weight-and publicly claiming the culprit was the food you made millions cooking on tv- this firing thing is to save face and to look good. But as I said, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You’re more popular than ever, since people love negativity, drama and scandal. They love to hate people.

And black people-unlike the other members of the Fantastic Four-are members by default. They have no political status.

They don’t realize this, but if you’re black and you’re reading this, put the emotions aside and see that race is not a status. We can fuss and make all the noise we want, but we have no collective political power to twist any political arms to enforce change like the LGBTs. That’s something to think about-and work towards- rather than getting mad every time someone says a word you don’t like.

Until next time,

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