Media Take-back


I’ve had enough of the B.S.

These gossip empires have GOT to go!

Now, I know they aren’t going a damn place. People loooove dirt. They love gossip-especially about people they don’t know.

We are OBSESSED with celebrities!!!

We’re ESPECIALLY obsessed with sudo-celebrities!

def. sudo-celebrity: someone who is famous for no reason whatsoever. They haven’t created anything, sung anything, written anything, performed in anything or done anything in anything.

kim dash

Tell me, how is it we enjoy t.v. shows with women sitting around doing nothing but cackling and fighting?

How is it we enjoy disgustingly fat women raisng their daughters to be beauty queens?

honey boo boo

We savor violence, too. (See: World Star Hip

We live vicariously through Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, America’s Top Model, American Idol, Duets, and the list goes on.

And twerk videos that are getting a bazillion hits online.

And Bus drivers uppercutting rowdy violent ghetto chicks while passengers record on their camera phones…

And drama, drama, drama.

A movement is going on that I think you need to know about. With the advent of the internet, people are on the scene taking BACK their media. You Tube is the DIY tv channel. People like me and you can have our voices heard-unedited and uninfluenced by corporations and private interest groups. There are platforms like WordPress that allow you to say what the hell you want to say, when you want to say it, and how you want to say it.

What I’m saying is that in 2013 there’s no need to continue to complain about the quality of t.v. programming. NO need to bitch about the news, talk shows, or any movie coming out.


Because as a writer, I see the other side of the industry. When you are writing a screenplay, the audience is always in the back of your mind. The point is for someone to watch it. When crafting business proposals or marketing strategies, typically you don’t aim to present something new, to spend time and money changing minds and paradigms to make people want what you’re selling.

NOTE: Big companies and government do heavily use subliminal messages to plant desires in your subconscious minds-please believe it.

But with the average marketer, they are aiming for what’s called a target audience. That can be women between ages 45 and 65. Or wall street yuppies. Whatever it may be, understand that no one feeds you what you aren’t already hungry for.

I’ll repeat that: no one feeds you what you aren’t already hungry for.

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Hollywood won’t feed you something they think you won’t eat. It’s a business-money is on the line. Bottom line: we have to take a sober look at ourselves instead of being so delusionally self-righteous about what we see, hear and experience in our outer world.

Because everything is connected in this universe. Nothing exists without being thought of or desired first. Most of us are just unwilling to face that fact. We cannot bear to entertain the idea that we are personally-and collectively-responsible for what we complain about.

The media gives the people what they want. Face it. Deal with it. Everything that you experience you have in some way-be it consciously or subconsciously- brought it into existence. Study universal law. Then do some personal introspection.

See, we’re so BORED with our own lives that we cling on to entertainers and reality shows and movies to escape our pitiful existence. On some level, we revel in being the “little guy”. Through living vicariously through people in the movies and on t.v. we feel we have achieved something through them. We like watching shows where we can feel that we’re better than the people on them-you know, the “we’ll at least I’m not as bad as THEM” scenario.

We’re SO focused on media because we are not active in our own lives. We’re just grinding it out, hoping to make it to the end of the day. Subsconsciouly we’ve given up: we’re too old, too young, too ugly, too sexy, too tired, too sick, too uneducated, too broke…too much of a victim to do anything about our circumstances.

And even more sobering, we’re too LAZY to do anything of importance. Be honest. It’s a hell of a lot easier to watch t.v. or gossip about celebrities than it is to actually write a list of your personal life goals. It’s easier than being introspective. It’s easier than healing past wounds and dysfunctions. Than facing our bad decisions and taking responsibility for them. It’s easier than putting in the work it takes to discpline your thoughts and training yourself to be a positive, succeessful person.

At this point, we’re all mushy and gooey on the inside. We have no substance. After years of brainwashing from our parents, teachers, religious figures, school systems, government propaganda and church institutions, we don’t have the mental or emotional muscle to become who we are meant to be. We dismiss the idea of self-determination and would rather be the poor 99% -just “sweet, nice, good” folk.

good person Disgusting.

Know this:

Media Take-out is a distraction. So is Bossip. And Entertainment Tonight. And the E channel. And reality shows. And World Star Hip Hop. It’s a distraction we welcome into our lives. We are never victims of disctraction. Food, air and water are necessities. Cable tv. is not. We can indeed turn the t.v. off or gracefully hand our cable box back to our provider. No one’s with us in our livingrooms with our heads in a chokehold forcing us to watch television! No one has a gun to our heads on the Subway forcing us to watch mindless entertainment on our iphone, either.

There are plenty of quality content on independent channels, i.e. You Tube and internet radio like BTR (Blog talk radio). What you seek, you shall find, period.

So let’s Take-back our Media! And our minds!

Until next time,


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