Happy Father’s Day-An ode to Daddy

fathers day 1

Just wanted to send a shout out to all the fathers out there today.

Where’s the ode to Daddy? I’m talking about the real daddys. Not the deadbeats. The Daddies who are putting in work. The Daddies who are devoted fathers and husbands. The Daddies who are striving to be the best they can be every day-and to improve upon themselves every day. What about the father-figures like the uncles, the neighbors, the mentors, the coaches, the big brothers and community leaders who care for and guide our young men?

Momma’s got plenty of songs. And yes, mother’s are worthy of such adoration….

But aren’t fathers just as worthy?

“Mama” Songs:

A Song for Mama-Boys 2 Men
Dear Mama: 2Pac
This Woman’s Work: Kate Bush

Daddy Songs (songs to Daddy):

Papa was a rolling stone

Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross

…Well, I’m out. (I’ll go google “Father’s Day Songs” after this).

Question: Where’s the Daddy’s pop-culture anthem? Oh, well.

Our society doesn’t seem to value real manhood/fatherhood at all. (There are reasons for that, but this is not a socio-political blog today). But, if you’re a Dad, I just wanted to let you know that YOU MATTER and YOU ARE NEEDED. Not only are you needed, you are NECESSARY FOR MORE THAN JUST SPERM DONATION AND MONEY DISPENSING!

Fatherhood goes way beyond child-support payments and egg fertilization. A father is a very precious jewel. Dads bring stability, support and protection to the family. Mom is the nurturing healing force but Dad is the guiding force, the standard for character, honor, integrity. When the family is in need, Dad is the problem-solver. He may or may not know how to fix the sink but he’ll figure out a way to get it taken care of. We must hold fathers and mothers to the same standard of excellence-if we’re going to place judgments then let’s be fair about them. In the world’s eyes, Moms can do no wrong. It doesn’t matter how horrible a mother they may be, a mother always gets the benefit of the doubt. She always “did the best she could”-even when she didn’t even come close.

fathers day 4

And Dad is fun. Dad’s the one who you can just chill and hang out with. Mom tends to nag and demand chores, clean rooms, and homework to be done. But Dad is the one that takes you out to experience things while dropping wisdom on you along the way. With sons, he teaches them to be men. He is a boy’s first archetype for manhood. If a father kisses his son, the boy grows up to be affectionate and comfortable in his manliness If he is cold and harsh, a boy becomes self-conscious and feels anything affectionate is "gay".

fathers day 3

For us girls, Dad is the first love of our life. He is the one man who loves us unconditionally without strings attached.

For many of us who grew up with a Dad present in our lives, our father may have been far from perfect (hand raised here) but very special nonetheless. We ALL are far from perfect…. My Dad is gone now, but I still appreciate the times my Dad and I would go driving on the weekends. My mom would be stressing out or emotional or have PMS and it was a relief to get out of all the tense energy. We would drive all over the place and he would tell me about the historical history of the neighborhoods or some “fun facts” about the origins of names. Where mom gets emotionally-driven, Dad provides the logic and reason. Men when being men have the amazing ability to get things done every day without complaining or bitching about it or crying “Woest me-I do everything for everybody! No one helps me!” No, good ole dad just gets the job done. No complaints. No manipulation for sympathy. He’s easily content and satisfied. No frills.

And with that, I want to say on behalf of myself and all women who appreciate manhood, women who had the experience of a father in their lives,


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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