Entrepreneur’s Desk: Why Most people SUCK at being entrepreneurs

Well, the title tells you where I’m about to go with this. But, as an entrepreneur myself, one thing I see with many fellow entrepreneurs is that they SUCK at it.

What do I mean? you ask.

I mean that most people need a re-evaluation on whether this is what they should be doing. I know it’s TRENDY to be your own boss. But some of you out there just aren’t cut out for the task at hand.

Life, ladies and gents, is like a big play. Everyone has a role. Everyone can’t be the star. Everybody can’t be Jordan. Somebody has to be Scottie Pippen. I know the star gets more shine and is treated as if they are more important than everyone else, but there IS no star without the supporting cast. Jordan needed a team behind him. A husband needs a wife’s support….

Point is, employers need employees. Everybody can’t be the CEO. Nor should they. There is NOTHING wrong with being an employee. Just know your position-and play it. When we try and play someone else’s position is when we get in trouble.

Listen, we are in an age of technology where working solo is easier and easier. And that’s awesome. But it ain’t for everybody. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD…

A short list of how to know if you’re NOT an entrepreneur:

1. Your motivation was that you were fed up with your stupid boss.

2. You want to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

3. You are lazy and a procrastinator.

Look, there’s more to it than having a cutesy business name and shnazzy business cards with your personalized logo.

Entrepreneuship is a MINDSET. It isn’t just to do what you want. FREEDOM comes at a price. FREEDOM REQUIRES A DISCIPLINED LIFE. Mediocre people deserve to be under the control of someone else because they will not control their own destiny!

Entreprenuership is LEADERSHIP. You are self-motivated and DON’T NEED a boss telling you what to do.

Entrepreneurship is not for the TRENDY but for the TRENDSETTERS, for those of us who are BOLD and willing to stand out from the crowd.

Entrepreneurship is for those who have a PASSION for what they do, who are true VISIONARIES. Look, success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a certain amount of time to get that momentum going business-wise.

PASSION goes hand-in-hand with PERSERVERANCE. You have to believe in your success when no one else does. You have to see the vision for who you will be five years down the line, not five months. You have to be the kind of person who follows their INTUITION or GUT INSTINCTS and can do what other people won’t-take risks.

There’s a name for people afraid to take risks. They’re called EMPLOYEES.

Just be honest about this. I say be honest because when you try and “fake the funk” and “fake it till you make it” but you never make it (because you’re not cut out for it) you throw dirt on the game for everyone else. People see you and your lackluster business and get turned off from entreperneurship because it doesn’t seem to work out much better than a 9 to five. But for those people, I say to follow your heart where it leads you.

Now that that’s all said and done, the reason why most people SUCK at being entrepreneurs?

Answer: Because they SUCK at being people.

Harsh? Perhaps.

True? Hell yeah!

Look. Most people are insecure, emotionally imbalanced and downright immature. You ever go to the supermarket and see the kid acting out cursing his mother out because she said no candy today?

There’s a technical term for this.

public tantrums autism

It’s called an AIT (Asshole in training).

I see lots of these little monsters and I can’t help but think about who they’re going to be twenty years from now. All these Tazmanian devils grow up and now the world has to deal with them. He’s every boss’ worst nightmare and every entrepreneuer’s worst client. They know nothing and expect everyone else to know everything. They do nothing and expect everyone else to do what they can’t or are too lazy to do. They are bratty kids trapped inside adult bodies, demanding everything NOW while ignorantly spewing their criticism and vile negative attitudes onto the rest of us.

But most people suck at being people. They were raised by the television and videogames. They ate Happy Meals and candy. They care little about the hard work that goes into anything and what it really takes to do something. They disrespect your craft and your skills. They have not worked on themselves emotionally or spiritually so their own self-worth is low. They don’t charge what they are worth. And what GETS me is that these same people are cheap themselves when paying someone else for services or products! They are tight-fisted, small-minded and since they don’t value themselves and their work, they don’t value other entrepreneurs, either.

And another reason they SUCK: they have no business IQ. None.

Trying to do business with many people is mentally draining. They want to do business but have terrible communication skills. They can’t articulate what they need done in a clear way. They take weeks to get back to you. As a ghostwriter, I see this all the time. When I do free consultations with people, I often find they have no idea of what it takes to write and publish a book.

And not knowing is okay. That’s not the issue. The issue is that they don’t make the time to RESEARCH (which means typing in “How to write and publish a book” in the search engine) to figure it out.

Which brings me to the last reason: People are f–ing lazy! Lazy! They will take time to tweet, check out Facebook, watch the latest reality show, or send a sex-message to some person they met on some dating website but won’t INVEST in business, success and long-tern financial freedom. People lack passion and drive. They really lack discipline. We spent our whole lives in the school system and we have no mental muscles left. We are “sheeple”. Thinking hurts. Self-evaluation hurts. Investing in ourselves hurts because we have been brainwashed to invest in our churches, charities and government. We have been on auto-pilot so long, only the strong and most determined make it over the rainbow.

So, that’s all I wanted to rant on that. If you are doing the entrepreneur thing, evaluate and do what’s best for you-and what’s best for the rest of us, too. If this game is for you, keep believing in yourself. Make those dreams come true! No one can stop us but ourselves.

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Peace and love,

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