Are we Insane?

Wowsies…this is my first post for this blog in 2013. Alot been’s going on.

I’m still here, though-and I’m still asking the same question…..

Are. We. Insane?

Today’s Inspired topic: Chrisitan evangelism.

Are we still talking about Jesus in 2013? Still trying to evangelize the world in 2013?

Are we crazy?

There’s a church on every corner in America, people. Tell me, who on planet earth doesn’t know about Christianity by now? Most of us, no matter what our race, ethnicity or nationality, has spent our childhoods in Catholic or Parochial school. People talking about a New World Order (aka world domination by a select group of people) has already been done thousands of years ago……

      It’s called Catholicism.

Catholicism is what has conquered the world over. It has decimated all indigineous cultures to the point where these beliefs are now sub-cultural or underground. Our children were raised by Nuns and their subconscious minds have been indocrinated with the Christian belief codes to the point that we aren’t even aware of it.

Tell me, why does a country like Rio de Janeiro-a country that is predominately of African ancestry and indigenous people- have a white Jesus overseeing the city at the highest most visible point? What is the subliminal message being displayed every single day?

But I digress.

It’s done. It’s a wrap. Christians, stop listening to your pastors about evangelizing the world. Please give it up with the missionary trips to places like India and Africa. These people don’t need Jesus, a bible, or a new religion. Stop pretending that the world needs to be saved. Yes, the human race is in quite a situation-it is. But the problem isn’t their religion.

YOU’RE the problem. YOU’RE buying into this belief that the world is in trouble because they don’t know Jesus. Depending on your denomination, what exactly the problem is will vary on your version on the Bible. My old church believed that people were “lost” because they didn’t belong to our particular church!

Today’s churches are like gangs or mafioso:

Hey, which clique are you ridin’ with, homie?

But honestly, do we really believe that we need to fund more missionary pursuits to convert people anywhere on planet earth?

How misguided and how arrogant.

Your shit isn’t together yet you want other people-many of whom are more successful than you in life-to admit they are “lost sinners” who are on their way to hell (whatever that is) and to adopt your beliefs? Go to your church? Turn their lives over to God?

Check the term: “Turn your life over”. A red flag, folks. If I walked up to someone on the street and told them they needed to turn their life over to me, you know how that would go? Exactly. Yet you believe that’s what people should do to this god that you serve.

A god that doesn’t serve you.

You’re single and 40 trying to convert a happily married woman with children.

You have unresolved emotional issues trying to save emotionally healthy people.

You lack discipline and are fast approaching 300 pounds while sharing your faith with a fit vegetarian triathalon runner who teaches yoga classes.

You’re broke trying to convert a wealthy businessman of a fortune 500 company.

Get my point?

C’mon. It’s 2013 and we STILL haven’t figured out that the church is a 501 c(3) financial corporation? We STILL don’t know that we are the start-up investors? Buildings cost money. Paying a clergy staff cost money. Holding community events costs money. The pastor’s house in the suburbs costs money…

Look at any corporation and then look at your church. They have the same corporate structure: a CEO (Pastor), a board of directors (Church board or discipleship group), middle-management (Deacons, Zone leaders, etc.) and the employees (rank-and-file members of the congregation).

I don’t care if it’s a “mom and pop” church and you’re all “so, so close”.  Look- it’s an institution- just like any school, a corporation or a business. Get over it. Stop defending it. Stop saying “Not MY church. MY church isn’t like that. I love my pastor and his wife. They’re really genuine.”

Cut it out. Really.

They may mean well. So what? Just ask yourself a question: How is my involvement and/or committment in this church making my life better? Am I giving more than I’m getting? Am I struggling to make ends meet every month? Am I grinding it out from paycheck to paycheck? That huge tithe you gave the church from your tax return or your student loan money-how have you been blessed? And what does the church do? They ask for MORE. The more you give the more they want. It’s never enough. And you have no right to ask them where your “love gift” is going.

Yes, it’s not all about money, right?. Yes, money is evil. It’s about serving God and honoring God’s anointed.

But what about other benefits, like health, family, relationships? How has the church, the pastor and his wife, the choir or your church friends helped you cultivate success in any of these areas? Does being in church help you to grow intellectually or emotionally? Counseling to help heal childhood traumas? What? Tell me, please.

I know. Expecting a mutual symbionic relationship with your church is evil, too. You aren’t supposed to have any expectations of your “spiritual leaders” or peers.

And you know what? I’m tired of talking to Christians about this. Look, if religion floats your boat, then by all means, knock yourself out. The rest of us just want you to stop trying to push it on the rest of us. We’re fed up with the old rhetoric of being lost and going to hell just becasue we don’t believe what you want us to believe. We don’t care what you do-just DO YOU and make it work for YOU.

Cause it ain’t workin’ for us. We see the blatant contradicitons and hypocrisy in the instituion and the people. We see what it is. We have evolved to spirituality of individuality. We’ve read the Secret and are working with the Universal Laws. We are studying the power of the mind and metaphysics. If you want to discuss the symbology or metaphysics of the bible, then we’re all for it. But we’re not trying to hear about Jonah being in the belly of a whale-fish as if it literally happened. We’re grown people. We don’t just accept something simply because someone said so.

Not in 2013.

You are, in 2013, put on Front street as the delsusional souls you are-and what we once were when we were brainwashed right along with you.

So, are we insane?

Only you can answer that one.

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