Are We Insane?….Allopathic Medicine

It’s time for our “Are We Insane?” segment once again.

   This week’s spotlight…doctors. Medical Doctors, that is. Western medicine, allopathic medicine, the medical establishment…it has many names.

Today’s question: It’s 2012 and we’re STILL running to the doctor’s office?

Are. We. Insane?

 Hell yeah, we’re insane.

We’re insane-insane because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that when our bodies are not functioning, the messiah-a.k.a. the doctor- has all the answers to what is wrong with us….

Even though he/she doesn’t know our bodies

And they’ve never eaten dinner at our house.

Or came to our kid’s birthday party.

Even though it’s your body and not theirs

You’re asking them what’s wrong with you-as if you intuitively don’t know.

Even though they don’t take your concerns seriously.

When you ask about getting a second opinion. And a third. And a fourth.

Why the drama? Why is it considered normal to have to search high and low for a decent doctor if they have all the answers?

Even though they feel they are smarter than you.

Even though their med school training brainwashes them to sell-I mean prescribe-you drugs for EVERYTHING.

Even though they look at the body as separate not whole.

And by the way,

When is the last time you went to the doctor’s office and left feeling BETTER?

Last week I was talking to a friend who I shared how I healed myself of epilepsy and am completely drug-free.

His response-now we’re talking about a “man’s man” type of guy, we’re talking someone old enough to have been my father (or at least a younger uncle)-was:

“You better be careful.”

He was worried that something could happen to me if I totally pulled out of the medical establishment. After all, he reasoned, how else would I know if I was really sick? I could have cancer and not even know it.

A “man’s man” shaking in his boots, fearful of “the institution.”

Now THAT’s gangsta.

We have gangsters running the medical establishment. They own most of us. We are convinced we can’t survive without them.  Even when thier drugs kill us and ruin our quality of life, we still keep going back, putting our faith in allopathic medicine-going against nature at all costs.

I often wonder how many people would have died from cancer if they never even knew they had it in the first place. maybe I’m wrong on this. Maybe people would have died anyway from the symptoms. After all, they were sick. It’s just that prognoses seem to be like oil thrown on a flame.  

Now it gets sticky. We’ve been brainwashed to identify ourselves with patented diseases (and to fight for ones that aren’t patented yet.)  We fight for our limitations! We use phrases like “Cancer Survivor” to describe ourselves in a very proud way.

See, the bigger picture is that medicine is a BUSINESS.  Your doctor has a vested interest in you remaining sick, not well. Think about it. If doctors cured you (not that another person can cure you, holistically speaking)  how would they make their money?

Here’s a little secret: EVERYTHING in allopathic medicine is merely an artifical imitation of something in nature. YES. Money can’t be made off a plant, but millions upon millions can be generated upon the plant extract mixed with other chemicals in a laboratory and patented.  Point; Nature has a side effect-free remedy for EVERY DISEASE.

The way it works is this: whatever ailment you have, you must look for the cause of the ailment first and then find what thing in nature will heal the CAUSE. If you have a migraine, you must find out what is causing the migraine and deal with that. That’s what I did with my migraines and now I’m migraine-free. No meds.

On a holistic level, our emotional and mental state is the progensesis for all diease (dis-ease). So we must deal with our thought patterns, our attitude toward ourselves, and our lives and how our circumstances are affecting us. In other words, physical dis-ease is only a manifestation of something non-physical. This is why allopathic doctors can’t give us real answers. They are linear and are only there to make a living and diagnose and suppress symptoms.

This is big. It’s big because you need to understand this when you put yourself-or your child-in the doctor’s examing room.  It’s you against them. You need to be representing your own best interests and you DON’T accept what they say without running it by your intuition and common sense. They will say things that put fear into you so you agree to the invasive harmful procedures or take the toxic drugs.  They will give you attitude if you don’t do what you tell them.  Whether you choose to go with them or go with yourself what matters is it’s YOUR decision.

See, the medical establishment is a religion. The doctor is God. You subject yourself to his mercy. Whatever he says you obey and don’t question…sounds like a religion to me.

Also, there is a hierarchy similar to religious instituions. You have the nurses, lab techs and physicians as the priests and above them at the very top is the Pope, Big Pharma.

I also noticed that there is a blind devotion to allopathic medicine-just like with any institutionalized belief system.  Even though the documentaries have been made about the pharmaceutical industry, people complain that their doctors don’t take them seriously…the writing is on the wall but nobody’s reading it.

Another reason it’s a religion is because of the mind control. When I make such statements about western medicine, people get defensive, as if they have to defend the establishment.

They say, “Well, my brother’s a doctor and he’s really caring and compassionate.”


“My doctor is not like that. She’s very open to trying new things.”

Okay. I’m not trying to make you hate doctors or allopathic medicine. I don’t hate it. I just understand that doctors have their place. If you get in a car collision or get shot in the leg,  I’m not going to offer you a cup of ginseng tea. I’m going to take your ass  straight to the emergency room. And then once you get out I’ll treat you with the herbs to facilitate healing and restore balance.

Unnatural circumstances require unnatural means. Then so be it. But I had seizures, something you don’t heal from. It’s a life sentence in the doctor’s office-a life of psychotropic drugs. My seizures were labelled “idipoathic” meaning “without a cause”.  When I decided to become “health sovereign”  people thought I was being irresponsible and foolish. When I said I was taking FULL responsibility for my body they thought I was putting my life in jeapordy.  But the thing was, the doctors weren’t helping anyway. They said they didn’t have any answers except drugs so how bad could it be me taking my health into my own hands?

Caution: What I’m doing isn’t for everyone.

I am the kind of person who is independent. I’d rather make my own mistakes with myself than continue to allow doctors to make mistakes on me. This way of living is not for the faint of heart. As with everything in life, you have to pay the cost to be the boss.  If you’re not going to depend on someone else to tell you what’s going on, then you’re going to have to research and study anatomy and physiology-and then some.

So, I’m a living testimony that it’s possible to be drug-free. I don’t even take tylenol-and I’ve had plenty reason to- between menstrual cramps, migraine headaches and almost everything else..

Point is you can be sovereign from allopathic medicine. It won’t be easy as most people are indoctrinated into it’s religion, but it’s worth it. Your body will thank you.

Are we insane? That’s up to each of us to answer that question.

Any health questions feel free to leave a comment and how I can contact you.




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