Writer’s Corner….keep focused

       This blog is really an ode to myself. I’m more determined than ever to follow my heart. Writing is my passion, my soul, my gift to this world. Some people do it on the side, like a married person keeping a lover in the shadows. For me, writing is my one and only true love, my soulmate.

These days I have to keep focused. Distractions are everywhere.

And so is discouragement.

Regardless, I must keep focused. If you’re reading this and you have a dream you’re in the process of making a reality, then you must keep focused, too.

These days I have to remain focused because when I do research on the “nuts n’ bolts” of professional writing, all I hear is “realism”.  For example, yesterday I was researching a publishing website and was reading some information on self-publishing. In their “top ten” was not to delude yourself about selling a million copies. I’m sure J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) heeded that advice…not! “They” will tell you that J.K. was an exception, not the rule.  So really the message is “success is the exception not the rule”, too.

I get being grounded but what ever happened to anything being possible? Never allow “industry standards” to determine what you can do in life. No one who ever did anything big listened to that advice. Ever. We don’t have the airplane because of realism.

Writers have to see what is impossible to be possible. 

As I heard someone teach recently, “There’s no greatness without discipline.”

When things look like nothing’s happening and we’re scared that we’re deluding ourselves by following our passions, we have to keep focused on the results. We also have to keep working hard toward our desires, because the people around us won’t be believers until they see it. Then once they see it, and you’re in that place of success (whatever you consider to be success) they will say, “Oh, it’s easy for you. I knew you had it all along.”

The reason why most people don’t live the lives they want is because of fear and complacency. They mayhate their job for instance, but they are complacent with knowing what to expect every day, week or month-despite the fact that they could be fired unexpectedly any day.

For me, it’s a struggle in these beginner stages of my business. The money isn’t there yet and things feel as if they are moving slow. But I have to keep focused and working diligently toward my goals. I choose to be master of my own destiny now rather than allowing someone else to be. And there’s a price to pay to walk the road less travelled.

And I guess I’m willing to pay that price. In the end it will be worth it.

One way I am pushing through is mental discipline. Today I am “juice-feasting” only to help myself get some clarity.I’m also doing an herbal detox to cleanse my body.  

Another thing I’m doing is going outdoors more. I need to be closer to nature to clear my soul and rejuvenate. Soak up the sun.

I welcome any comments from readers. How do you keep focused and what motivates you during those tough times? Share, share.



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