Food for Thought…..The revolution won’t be televised

    One of the coolest songs ever is “The Revolution won’t be televised” by Gil Scott Heron. It isn’t just cool. It’s truth spoken to power. Gil was one of those people ahead of his time with his socio-political message. I am listening to a radio show and the host mentioned the song and the name.

It brought me back. I was thinking about true revolution.

Is it this?  


Or is it this?


I do think about true change alot. And after centuries of revolutions, people are still oppressed.

 What if the true revolution isn’t going to be televised?

What if the real revolution is within? No NBC, CNBC or BBC America. No one to take photos and write documantaries. No rock throwing, fighting police, interviews with Barbara Walters or testifying before Congress. Just you and me. Changing the world from the inside out.

We keep trying to change the world when we haven’t been able to change ourselves. Our relationships are a mess, we have a gazillion mental blocks, we are not living our purpose, we’re living paycheck to paycheck….there’s alot of personal work for us to do.

If, for example, we don’t trrust ourselves, then how can we get mad that we have a government and that they are oppressing us? If we’re not self-governed then we need to be governed. Simple.

Another example: the speed limit on most city blocks around my neighborhood is 30 mph. People have been driving so fast on private streets where children play that the city has put big orange speedbumps in place to slow us down.

I gotta say, it’s really annoying. But now I understand that things that seem unfair-like getting pulled over by the cops for going 45 in a 30 mph lane-are manifestations of our unwillingness to be self-regulated. When each person will not regulate themselves, then someone outside of themselves will regulate them instead.

We have to start taking responsibility for ourselves again.

We keep rallying, marching, fighting… trying to change the world and the people around us as if it’s separate from who we are. Everything in this physical existence takes place in the non-physical first. 

So if that’s true-and only if that’s true- then maybe we need to begin to consider that the things we don’t like are a reflection of who we are. Perhaps somewhere along the way we stopped wanting to be responsible for our own lives and the “powers that be” are just our dark shadows mirroring us.

That’s not a bad thing. It isn’t hopeless. It is merely an opportunity to step up and reclaim our personal power again. We can control our own reality. And when we begin doing that, then the external collective circumstances will shift.

peace & blessings

keep writing, loving, living!

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