Are We Insane?…animal lovers


One day I got the revelation that maybe-just maybe-the people inside the mental institution are really the sane ones. Those of us who are outside might be under the illusion that we are in our right mind. After all, we are rational, logical, moral and even highly evolved spiritual beings….

aren’t we?

  Good question. 

So much of our lives is built upon crazy thinking most people are not going to let it go. We are on auto-pilot, folks.

Two Examples:

1. Animals. Our relationship with animals is quite insane-so insane that it’s normal to us  we are convinced that it’s natural.

Let me demonstate.


  Human beings have an interesting relationship with cows, don’t we?

 Why yes we do. We drink their breast milk and give it to our babies instead of our own breast milk.  We also eat the flesh of the cow-called steak, beef, and angus. We buy the skin-called leather-which is processed from everything to shoes and boots to jackets and handbags.

And why should we not feel this is perfectly natural? For generations the dairy industry has pounded us with advertisements on how milk “does a body good”. Our parents gave it to us, we spent Saturday mornings watching cartoons with a bowl of milk and Lucky Charms in their lap.

  But does milk really do a body good?

Just wondering, here, but how can we drink the breast milk designed for baby cows or heffers and it be good for our bodies? Have you ever wondered why little children frequently get colds and have runny noses all the time?

Milk is acidic. All life is a blance between acid and alkaline. Pull out your old chemistry books from high school. Too much acid in the body causes certain changes, such as an excess production of mucus. Mucus is natural in the body with a purpose of lining the tissues with lubrication and protection from harmful sources. However, when you consume breast milk from a cow, sheep, goat-or any other non-human entity for that matter-it becomes acidic in the body and the body in it’s intelligence secretes more mucus to buffer itself against the toxins.

And by the way, the dairy industry has made itself into a world empire with milk being manufactured into other products like cheese and butter, which are used in just about everything we consume. 

2. Our pets.

 We have a strange relationship with dogs, don’t we?

We claim we are “animal lovers” yet we place dogs on leashes. First of all, we “walk” them. When I’m out in my neighborhood,  all I see are people out with their dogs for their “walks”. Most of these people are yanking on the leashes-hard-trying to get their “pets” under control. (I’m using my words deliberately here, hence the term under control…) 

Meanwhile the dog’s trying to be a dog as it’s sniffing flowers and looking for a place to take a bowel movement while the owner is tired or cold or in a hurry and they are tugging at the animal to hurry the hell up.


Hey, I get it. You didn’t want to put the doggie on a leash. The city made you do it, right? They said that if you didn’t leash your dog and pick up it’s poop, you could get fined. Not only that, but how about keeping all the dogs from killing each other on the street? You’re good meaning people. I get it.

That doesn’t change one thing: it’s not natural. We all got here somehow, in this “stray-jacket” we call society. And if there’s a way in, there must be a way out….if we want it. There are no are right or wrong ways of living. Just food for thought.


 Sure, you love your cat…..enough to make it sit it inside your house with the windows locked. Every wonder why cats sit there at the window or screen door looking out at the world?

Because he’s a cat!!!!

He’s  pressed against the window or the screen door, his head whipping back and forth, listening to the sounds of birds chirping and butterflies fluttering by…

He’s hungry.

Oh, right. Cats are carnivores. They have claws and fangs for a reason-and not for opening tin cans of Meow mix, either…

“Cat food?” 

There is a such thing as cat food. It’s called mice. And birds. And bugs. And yes, sometimes they eat grass-especially when they don’t feel well. To my pleasant surprise, many people in my neighborhood allow their cats to go outside and explore.

Is it just a coincidence that when animals are domesticated they come down with the same pathologies humans in modern-day society do? When was the last time you saw a wild animal with arthritis or diabetes?

“Bird Lovers?”

 I know why the caged bird sings, huh?

Birds have wings. They fly-most of then do, anyway. So who decided that their life would be better sitting inside a cage? Not to stray too far from the topic, I remember back in the 80’s, the in-thing was keeping rabbits as pets. My cousin’s best friend had a rabbit in her mom’s tiny two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York. She went through several because the rabbits kept dying.

Surpise, surprise. A wild animal in a small cage 24-7 with lettuce and shredded paper to crap on? If I was a rabbit I would die, too.

But with birds, the question must be asked: how can we be in our right minds and lock an animal that is born to fly inside a cage? We visit zoos where wild animals have been captured and imprisoned so we can take our children and snap photos of them with our cell phone. We take away their land, we force them into an unnatural habitat and then we feed them unnatural food. We complain about the responsibility of walking the dog, or the high price of “cat food” or the nusiance of cleaning the doo-doo dropping of the guinea pig cage, or even the veternarian bill for the canary.

Have we ever stopped to think that these burdens are all anti-nature and self-imposed?

Dogs don’t need us to walk them-only when we lock them up in a house do they need to be “trained”. But they are wild animals by nature and they will naturally go outdoors. Cats too. And birds…and hampsters and snakes….

Once again,


How about this. We put on our empathy glasses and walk a mile in the shoes of our “pets?”


Just food for thought.

until next time,

Keep creating, loving, living!

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