Entreprenuer’s Desk….Top Six Myths about being successful in business

Top Six Myths About Being Successful in Business
from author/businessman Robert Scheinfeld                           

Myth 1: You must work hard and long to succeed.
This myth is created and enhanced by things we’re taught directly and indirectly as we grow up. The flames of it are then fanned strongly by bosses, fellow employees, partners, stockholders, and customers obsessed with results being produced — no matter the cost. In business, there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it, so most businesspeople get trapped on the “hamster wheel,” of working long and hard — usually thinking it’ll be temporary, but it never is. While many believe it’s necessary and there would be consequences if it isn’t done, it’s a myth that hard work and long hours are required in order to succeed in business. There is an alternative.

Myth 2: You must be willing to do a lot of things you don’t like to succeed.
For most business people, especially small-business entrepreneurs, another “that’s just the way it is” myth is that you must be willing to wear multiple “hats” and do things you dislike in order to succeed. There are so many moving parts in a business, so many tasks that must get done in order for the business to succeed, and there never seems to be enough people or resources to get it all done. In an environment and under conditions like that, it seems to employees and business owners that they can’t afford the luxury of thinking about whether they enjoy what they’re doing or not, or that it even matters if they do or don’t. The job must get done! But the job can get done, generally even better, if everyone loves what they’re doing, and that dynamic can be put into place — for you and all your team members.

Myth 3: You’re at the mercy of forces beyond your control that can block or limit your success.
In the world of business, we’re taught, directly and indirectly, that forces beyond our control can shape and determine our success and the kinds of results we produce — forces like the economy; the stock market; other people (employees, partners, customers, stockholders, etc.); competitors; emerging technologies; the tax service, etc. It seems perfectly reasonable to believe that forces outside of you can limit, block or restrict you, but once again, the truth is that it’s just another myth. It is possible to create, grow and maintain a successful business while being completely unaffected by the outside forces we all seem so vulnerable to.

Myth 4: You must constantly focus on and optimize “The 5 Power Centers of Business” to succeed.
There are 5 primary “Power Centers” in business — Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership and Finance — with each Center having numerous subsets. The “how to succeed in business” party line says you must constantly focus on the 5 Power Centers, continually find ways to optimize them, go out there and do something to “make it happen” within each of the five Power Centers, or you’ll fail. In a rapidly changing world where none of the Power Centers stay optimized for long, that focus and goal becomes a source of constant stress and frustration. Once again, there is an alternative way to play “The Business Game” that enables you to produce extraordinary results while simultaneously draining all the stress and frustration out of your interactions with the 5 Power Centers.

Myth 5: Your supply of money is limited and therefore, income and expenses must be managed carefully — or else!
Like Myth #3, this one is a biggie and one that’s very tough for most business people to accept (until they experience the alternative themselves). In business, you’re taught you have a limited supply of money available to you. You’re taught that when you spend money (expenses), you have less money available to you, you’ll run out and fail if you don’t manage your limits (the numbers) very carefully. Makes sense, right? Seems perfectly reasonable and like an accurate description of what happens in business, right? Wrong. This myth is one of the most insidious and damaging myths in the entire world of business. It is possible to create, grow and maintain a successful business while having a radically different relationship to “the numbers” — and without the financial limits, restrictions, ups and downs common to so many business scenarios.

Myth 6: You must have goals, plans and targets to succeed.
“If you don’t have goals, targets and plans, how can you get where you want to go?” That’s the popular battle cry in the world of business. Once again, it makes sense and appears perfectly reasonable, except it’s just another myth. First, all day long, every day, business people set goals, create targets, and write plans, and fail to achieve most of them. There are two main reasons for that:

We live in a rapidly changing world that can quickly obsolete even the best laid plans.
In alignment with Myth #3 above, there are so many forces beyond our control that we can’t efficiently anticipate or plan for in advance. More important than that, however, there is another way to play The Business Game where you have no goals, targets, or plans and yet you still succeed and produce extraordinary results– often beyond your wildest dreams.

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